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Do Polish students 'look down' on foreign students from Asia studying medicine here? Racist behaviours noted.

anthony12345 1 | 1
3 Oct 2014 #1
hello,this is my first time to post on this forum
i have some questions about poland
i am a asian who study medicine in poland,i know that polish ppl need to pass matura and hard to entrance medicine department
,but i want to know that are they "look down"about foreigners who study medicine here?i know that foreigners who study here not that hard than poles

i try my best to study ,but it is not that easy cuz english is not my native language,i know the university isnt using same standard about english division and polish division,

,cuz english is not our native language ,but even the department not that severe,we still need to test the broad exam in our hometown after we gradutae from here,so still need to try our best and dont let the "tragedy thing" happen

after we graduate here><

some reputation say that polish ppl racist:(
i can understand ,maybe poles dont used to ppl who are not "white"
i just came here and some kids said "kurwa "to me or pit saliva><
that is little sad cuz my racial doesnt had bad history about polish,i dont know the reason,or maybe they racist "yellow skin"?

and before in school when i pass the corridors,the girls sit there and start whisper or maybe silence,are they think i am nerd?

i feel so embrassed and want to know what they think about us?
do polish like asians?

but sincere,i like poland,life step,beautiful landscape etc
i want to make some polish friends here
hope that some poles ppl can reply :)
4 Oct 2014 #2
some kids said "kurwa "to me

On the other hand, the K word is probably the most popular/widely-used among Polish students (and can be applied literally to any situation or to name anything). So I wouldn't take it too seriously because this slang word is overused anyway.

Btw - there's no need to focus on racism; back 20 years ago 90%+ of Poles didn't even understand the concept of 'racism' -- but, indirectly, 'thanks' to people who remind what racism is (you reminded us that it can apply to the yellowish color of your skin), it may be on the increase. Just be yourself and nobody will notice you are in any way different. I know a couple of Poles who also have yellowish skin color due to too much alcohol and cigarettes ; ).
dijo - | 1
6 Oct 2014 #3
Generally I think the majority of young people in Poland are't racist, sorry for you bad experience but it's rather an exception not a rule. I don't know were you study but you should search for some international students' organisation like ESN (Erasmus Students Network), AIESEC, or AEGEE. It's a great way to meet new people, you can improve you english or start learning polish, take part in interesting projects and buliding a community. They're european organisations but you can participate. Asian cultures and languages are quite exotic for us and gaining popularity so you for sure will find people keen on getting you known.

Here you got some websites:
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
6 Oct 2014 #4
to be honest I am not sure it is 'racism' just old fashioned curiosity on the whole. If you go to Poland as a foreigner of any colour, prepare to be stared at.

as for 'kurwa; I think people say that all the time anyway.

although on the other hand it could be racism - good grief my sister in law who is about 38 now had to learn about 'little black sambo who lives in a tree in africa' at school.
6 Oct 2014 #5
about 'little black sambo who lives in a tree in africa' at school.

Not in a tree: it is a poem for children not racist at all. If anything said poem written in 1924 challenging racial stereotypes and in funny and witty story about a pupil living in Africa who study diligently. I believe such altitude was ahead of times, at least in 1924, do you care to remind me what children in Britain or the USA learned about black people in 1924? It is simply lack of cultural sensitivity, language barrier coupled with a low IQ and generally dumbing down effect of the PC which allows people to blather with impunity.

If you chose to live or study in a foreign country you need a lot of resilience to cope. /Sensitivity presented in your post doesn't bode well.
Shizuka 10 | 44
6 Oct 2014 #6
Your story kinda scares me...I am asian also,moving in warsaw on this dec.I have been in Poland for 3 times,so I know poles gaze at me like I am Panda in zoo...anyway hope your situation will get better,and trying to be stronger! :)
6 Oct 2014 #7
Your story kinda scares me..

Don't be sacred, maybe they were looking at you seeing an attractive and exotic female. :)
skrud - | 36
6 Oct 2014 #8
some reputation say that polish ppl racist:(

They are just as much racist as any other Europeans , few bad apples thats all , just mind your business ,study hard with smile on your face and I am sure you will make lots of new polish friends . :)

Speaking of which ...I remember when I went to Taiwan years ago to some small town , people were looking at me like I was an allien , taller than most of them , blond hair , blue eyes made me feel so uncomfortable , their staring felt like they were saying " look at that big weirdo " , but after a week I just got used to them .
6 Oct 2014 #9
No they don't, visitors will always stand out to natives, it's human nature, they're not being malicious.

Just as you stand out in Poland, Polish people stand out in the UK, not because of their clothes or mannerisms, but their facial features, head and face shape etc.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
6 Oct 2014 #10
it wasnt in 1924 it was in the 80s or 90s when my sister in law was in school. and yes he was in a tree.
6 Oct 2014 #11
it wasnt in 1924

indeed and human ineptitude to understand and need to judge others is the same regardless. I better go, you strain my patience. Bah, western civilization is doomed anyway.

yes, yes is a racist poem, Polish state before the war introduced racist poem for kids to poison their young minds against black even that the chance for them to see a black person in a real life were like million to one or less. After the war Communist were doing the same, evidently communists were racist, at least in Poland.

Not only racist but anti-Semitic because author of the poem was a Jew.
It is a well know fact that Poles are racist and anti-Semitic, so you are right and everything is clear.
Aya_grr - | 1
26 Oct 2014 #12
Hi! So I'm Polish. I study Physiotherapy in the Medical University (so my major is not Medicine, but well) There are many foreign students and I've never heard anyone say anything racist about them. As for me, I'm always really happy to see foreigners in Poland and I'd love to make friends with them. And I'm also really interested in Asia. It is true that Polish people often stare at foreigners but you shouldn't take it the bad way. Most of them are usually interested and tend to listen to people talking in other language. It's rather normal :) As for swearing, it's rather embarrassing but many Polish people swear a lot, using bad words every one, two words. It's horrible but don't worry, it usually isn't to make you feel bad. They just are like that, kinda cloddish ;/
6 Jun 2018 #13
What about Bulgarians? Would a Bulgarian be discriminated (I love how the Polish language sounds out the most of all Slavic ones that are not Bulgarian ;))? But it is hard to learn.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,012
6 Jun 2018 #14
some reputation say that polish ppl racist:

Everybody is a racist. It's just a matter how well you hide it.
kaprys 3 | 2,181
7 Jun 2018 #15
You should understand a lot anyway. You speak a Slavic language.
I don't think you'll be discriminated.
Even though there aren't too many Bulgarian students here.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,012
7 Jun 2018 #16
but many Polish people swear a lot, using bad words every one, two words. It's horrible

A linguistic equivalent of their beloved wall graffiti. Pointless and just because they can.

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