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Starting my internship in Łódź Technical University - should i learn Polish very well?

farouk 4 | 9
4 Apr 2011 #1
Good evening to all members,

First of all, thanks all of you for your great contributions on this forum to help non-Polish people like me.

My question is about learning Polish.

If i could, i will start my internship in £ódź Technical University this summer. My English is well for basic dialogs and technical terms; but I've heard that a great percentage of people don't know English in there, even in the university.

Maybe it's true or not, what do you advise me? Should I learn only basic dialogs like "hello, how are you, my name is ..." , or should i really study polish as well as a 7-year-old Polish child? Especially answers from students of £ódź Technical University will enlighten me very much.

(Note: I'm so glad some threads in forum about Turkish people. As a Turkish citizen, thank you for your comments. I hope I will enjoy in £ódź, even in other cities.)

Dobry wieczór!
4 Apr 2011 #2
If you're planning on seriously studying in Poland, much less at top Polish university, then I should try and get my Polish to as nearly working fluency (not just survival phrases) as you possibly can. Don't rely on Poles, even college student, for uniformly fluent English, as might be more the case in Scandinavia, Holland or even Germany-:)
3 Jul 2012 #3
You're right, it's kinda hard to live in Poland if you dont speak the language. I know an affordable option that offers intensive classes if you wanna learn fast. It's called Polonus-Lodz

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