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SGH - MA in Fin & Acct with ACCA

DonewithRainbow 1 | 3
23 Sep 2013 #1

Since I can't come to a conclusion on my own & I have been stuck on this for two weeks now - I hope I can get some help here and that there are plenty of people who will let me pick their brain for info on this subject... And if you take the time and reply - a big thanks in advance! :)

So - I am wondering if anyone has experience with the English MA in Fin & Acct (with the chance of ACCA accreditation) at SGH... I know that it is a good school... However, I need to know more!

1) How easy is it to get in/ be accepted into this MA? [Is it fine with a BA in anything? I have a BS in Acct & BA in Econ - but my sister has some bs BA in International & ethical treatment degree from a uni in Malmo - :)

2) What is the GPA they are looking for? What matters to them? (Well besides the $$ u suitcase in :)
3) How bad will they shake & bake your brain? - They say it is "full time & intensive" - to me it looks like the same bs I have taken before - but for my sister it would be all new... (Think I would have to move & do it with her & help her though... No problemo there... Or is it doable for her with no prior Fin & Acct courses?)

4) Is this MA from SGH any good? Do they have good prof. & prepare you for the ACCA properly?
5) I know ACCA is the European CPA - well here a CPA is someone who makes decent money - is the ACCA the same for EU? Or do you end up as a cashier?

6) Can you take this MA or ACCA out of PL anywhere in EU - how did you find the job market after you were done? [Both fluent in PL...]

7) What would a swedish/ or us citizen earn in PL or EU with this degree? Can it be taken back to sweden? (Think additional tests would be needed...)

8) I am taking my CPA - will an ACCA do anything for me in the states? (Not that I care so much at this point! I already bleed from my ears after AUD - I good now! :)

9) Oh! And how is the parting for foreigner in the academic? :) Do ppl buddy up with other ppl in this MA or is it a "I going to knife you" situation?

I am asking cause I have a younger sister in warszawa that got stuck in the outsourced customer service BS going on there - I guess she wanted some work experience & didn't know better - and now she is finding that this is her life - just 6 years later :/

I can buy her out of the situation by providing transition cashish - (I know it sounds like serfdom - but her wage makes it almost so - given the high cost of rent in ww) - however I want to make the smart/ right thing for her future too... I think re-education would help to move out of the dead end, and I am trying to understand what would make sense... I am an cpa in progress - so MA in Acct makes sense to me :) But is SGH a good choice really? Or do people find f-off to somewhere else in EU is better for their future?

[She is really sick of the grind in PL - but I think it is only because she is customer service-ing herself to death. I had a blast in PL - but I did need a lot of cash & I didn't work cause I pretended I was studying - her experience has been quite the opposite... :( A solution has been evading me so far... ]

All info appreciated & a great Thanks for any input!!! :)
Monitor 14 | 1,820
23 Sep 2013 #2
Very detailed questions. Find internet forum of SGH and ask it there.
cms 9 | 1,255
23 Sep 2013 #4
I can only answer 5 6 and 8.

ACCA would be recognized as a good qualification in britain, ireland and in Eastern Europe. less so in Germany or France where you would really need local accounting qualifications, Sweden probably the same but havent been there much.

No an ACCA would be more than a clerk - there are plenty of chief accountants and even quite a few FDs who are ACCA.

Its not the same as a CPA or a British/commonwealth chartered accountant as you are not able to sign financial statements, issue certificates, give evidence as an expert witness in some states etc, so it might hinder you if you want a career in audit - Im sure there is plenty of advice from the ACCA on their website. But I think there is a possibility to do conversion exams from ACCA to CPA in some states, Colorado and California for example. In my own state then conversion was definitely much tougher and meant doing a bunch of exams and I dont know anyone who did that.
OP DonewithRainbow 1 | 3
25 Sep 2013 #5
@CMS - Thank You! Well - glad it would count as something... :) I wouldn't care if it count in US for sure - I already half way done with my CPA - jezus! I seriously don't think AICPA would let ANYONE tranfer ANYTHING from ANYWHERE... They are hard as a rock & requirements are even stiffer... Don't even let me start on the exams themselfs - at some point everyone hits the wall & it is usally in FAR or TAX - damn damn hard - breaks even the strongest...

I read that ACCA is easier - I would just take is as a rider to my CPA if anything - I hope ACCA wouldn't make me take all those exams - I think that the MA would let me off 9 of them if I am not mistaken... :)

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