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Dj School in Krakow?

James G 2 | 14
2 Nov 2013 #1

I am travelling to Krakow soon for few weeks and would like to know if any1 knows of any DJ schools that run in the city or near it?

Much appreciated,

Looker - | 1,134
20 Oct 2014 #2
Just for informaion - Poland is short of real DJ Schools - here are only two such places - one in Poznan, second in Krakow.

They are also organizing summer camps in different places year after year.
For refenence check their websites:

FTB is the only DJ School, a school for professional DJs
in Poland. Our advantages: experienced staff, modern learning program and the latest equipment.

If you are a young and ambitious man who wants to know the secrets of the art dj'ingu - This school is made just for you!

We provide high standard of learning in interesting
and climatic locations.


We present the first in Poland stationary school for DJs - DJ's Alpha Academy in Warsaw! Join today to a large group of our satisfied students - we guarantee - you will not regret !!!

You do not have to wait for other courses, which are held infrequently, there are few and in addition you learn in a group consisting of several people (waiting in line for equipment ...). Do not waste your time!
At our school you can sign up whenever you want, at any time throughout the year! We will adjust to you! You decide when you want to come to class ...

OP James G 2 | 14
20 Oct 2014 #3

Thanks for the reply and all the information!!..but it seems that these schools are only located in Poznan and Warsaw!! any in Krakow?
Looker - | 1,134
20 Oct 2014 #4
Unfortunately. I couldn't find one. Just from time to time some DJ courses appears there, rarely though.

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