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Anyone can recommend me some good Polish language school?

6 Feb 2012 #1
i wanna learn for 9 months polish(preparatory).but dont know which school to pick,and they must be cheap,and easier to understand what the teacher said, which one is better? but i dont know if for example,i study in university of wroclaw,so i must join in their own polish school or random one?
gumishu 13 | 6,134
6 Feb 2012 #2
in the past Polish for foreigners was included in the price of the studies for foreign students - I think it hasm't changed - if you wish to have some additional lessons, classes, course you will have to pay for it yourself and the university will not return any money to you (they still provide you with the course even if you don't want to attend or find it too hard) - in the past people who were teaching in those Polish-for-foreigner courses were the best teachers of Polish available anywhere - this might have changed since and those more industrious could have went private with some fresh people replacing them in the uni - so if you are after a good Polish language courses ask around which are run by those who used to teach in the unis
lotus flower
16 Sep 2016 #3
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Hi, i am interested to learn polish. i s there a language school that can be recommended? if not, i am looking for someone near ostrowiec who can teach me polish, i am willing to pay. thanks
terri 1 | 1,663
16 Sep 2016 #4
Try any English language school - very often they offer courses in Polish, if not they will know someone who can teach you. Other than that try 'gumtree'.
Lotus flower
16 Sep 2016 #5
I have been looking around but not successful, can u suggest me any if you know... I don't trust gumtree anymore.. Sorry. Next to metro station in Warsaw.

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