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Which Polish qualification? GCSE?

Polishing 1 | -
9 Jun 2016 #1
Hi - I'm starting to look for tutors and want to head for some sort of qualification in Polish. As I'm an adult (UK), which is the best to go for?

GCSE would be good but apparently needs lots of classroom based coursework (no good as there aren't any evening courses locally plus I can't find a tutor that's taught it). I also can't seem to find any materials for this on amazon, etc.

iGCSE via distance learning (along with an online tutor for conversation practise e.g. via italki).
CEFR (B1, etc.)

Does anyone have any opinion on the above or a different suggestion (might regret this bit!)? Thanks.
Lyzko 25 | 7,009
10 Jun 2016 #2
Have you any former knowledge of Polish?
terri 1 | 1,665
10 Jun 2016 #3
Wherever you live in England there may be Saturday schools which teach Polish. I know (have spoken to someone today) that they prepare you for GCSE and A Levels in Polish. Look for Polish congregations near you.

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