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Production Management - Wroclaw University 2012

Sandeep 1 | 4
9 Jan 2012 #1
I have got admission into Production Management in Wroclaw University of Technology - Feb 2012 . But I am not given confirmation regarding the start of the course. They say a group is yet to be formed since Polish students can apply until Feb 1st (for international students the last date was Nov 30th). If sufficient numbers are not achieved they would refund the tuition fee. Can I take a chance on this ? I have to quit my job since I have to serve a minimum notice period.

Kindly give your comments.

Mozes - | 7
9 Jan 2012 #2
Mail them on or call. It is nearly middle of Jan so they should know(more or less) by now whether the group will be formed or not.

Question out of curiosity: how will you support yourself during your studies?

Good luck:).
OP Sandeep 1 | 4
10 Jan 2012 #3
Thanks. I will check and see.

Well, with regards to expenses, I have managed it myself. It is reasonable compared to universities in US or UK. Accommodation is provided by the college.

marialewis520 - | 1
15 Apr 2013 #4
Enter your zip code here

You have to contact them and discuss you job matter with Wroclaw University now-a-days universities help to those students who needs job along with studies this problem of your's might be solved but for that you have to plan proper project management system of your's to deal with all the things.
12 Dec 2013 #5
kindly tell if you are now studying Master of production management .............i have got pre-acceptance and preparing for further process in this regards can you give me any advise for further process and also please guide for the visa process
raken8787 1 | 20
13 Dec 2013 #6
Once you get pre-acceptance it means you are in. Getting acceptance is just another step. Sometimes formation of adequate group of students is a concern but if it is production management, it shouldn't be a problem. There would be many polish students opting for the course in english. My friend recently finished his studies in that faculty. Prepare yourself with documents for insurance, proof of amount in the form of document from the bank stating adequate funds to support your studies etc, Along with these documents, acceptance letter and then proof of payment of tuition fees you will apply for VISA. Wait for your acceptance letter and then book your date for a VISA interview. If you are lucky, you might get VISA on the same day of your interview.
OP Sandeep 1 | 4
17 Dec 2013 #7
I have finished my studies. As raken8787 has mentioned, pretty much sums it up.

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