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Any probation in any Polish university for Polish speaking Turkish guy?

semiczku 1 | 1
15 Oct 2010 #1
I graduated from the Polish language and literature department of university and this year i started my Master study in the same department. I think that i can speak in Polish sufficently. And i have also Russian lessons this year.

My question is; Do i have any chance to find any probation in any university in Poland? Or any job in any special language course? I know that Turkish is not so popular but perhaps, with my Polish plus, my chance will come, who knows? :)

Pozdrawiam ;)
10 Feb 2015 #2
It's confusing what you mean by 'probation'? As far as I can tell, an academic probation is a status when student's grades are on the borderline of being acceptable. So in this aspect, in order to get a probation, you don't have to study hard ;). On the other hand, perhaps you mean 'internship' when you can get some job in a university setting as a researcher, editor, professor's helper.. in that case your Polish, Turkish, and Russian language skills should help. You may try to talk to someone from the politics or marketing department where Turkish language could be handy (I remember there were talks to sell the Lot Polish airlines to Turkey airlines). Another viable option is to wait until more Turkish people settle in Poland and then you'd have more international job opportunities.
14 Aug 2016 #3
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Wulkan - | 3,186
14 Aug 2016 #4
racism is everywhere

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