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Poznan University_Masters in Civil Engineering_Review & Job Prospects

muftiiii 1 | 2
28 Nov 2019 #1
Dear Reader,

I have been accepted by Poznan University for masters degree in Civil Engineering but from some threads, I saw that it is an above average university while the best ones are in Warsaw.

I am 32, a civil engineer with more than 10 years of experience planning to move to Poznan to pursue my masters degree in Civil Engineering. I landed in the middle east after my project in Africa and currently, I am working in Saudi Arabia. Recently, the demand of masters degree has quite strongly increased here. Thus, the decision. But however, I couldn't find some real reviews about the course to be honest. Moreover, if I want to stay back and look for a job after the completion of the degree course, what are the possibilities in the current construction market?

Unfortunately, all my Polish friends working here are quite demotivating me to select Poland for study. But however, Poland study cost is quite cheap and the cost of living is pretty low. Also, Polish culture is very impressive and altogether Poland interests me. Moreover, it would be a good chance to enter the European market, but job prospects are scaring me.

Replies will be much appreciated.

terri 1 | 1,665
28 Nov 2019 #2
Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. Before you embark on a study in ANY University, you MUST make sure that the degree will count for something when you finish your course. You do NOT want to find yourself with a useless degree/Masters and nothing to show for it. Think carefully. Find out where the University is in the rankings, what are the chances that future employers will recognise it. Ask before you do anything, not grumble when you have paid, wasted your time and achieved absolutely nothing at the end of it. Remember that others will be going to Universities that count.
OP muftiiii 1 | 2
28 Nov 2019 #3

Thanks for the reply.

Are you a local? If you dont mind, with no offense I want to know your background.
So, studies in Poland are basically useless in your opinion?
Atch 16 | 3,265
28 Nov 2019 #4
Terri is Polish.

If you have ten years industry experience you don't need a Masters to get a job in Europe. It's experience that counts. Any degree you do in Poland through English will be basic/superficial in content and not worth your time and expense.
OP muftiiii 1 | 2
28 Nov 2019 #5
I dont want to compare this degree with MIT or Oxford but I yeah, what you are saying doesn't seem logical to me.
I want to do this degree to add my educational background, you can say, "just to add a degree in the box" but why such a negative review?

So, technically the job market sucks & the degree is just a waste!!

I would love to hear some factual reference.
Atch 16 | 3,265
28 Nov 2019 #6
A degree offered through English won't have the same level of content as if it were offered through Polish. The universities generally put most effort into the syllabus for their native language programs. Also unis in Poland tend to have poor links with industry and business which is important in technical disciplines. I would say, just start applying for jobs in Europe and see where it takes you.

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