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Poligloci Language School...Anybody Heard Of Them...?

Ahusain 3 | 12
24 May 2013 #1

I'd seriously appreciate it if anybody could tell me anything about Poligloci language school as a place to teach English seeing the boss there next week.

Thanks in advance(:

delphiandomine 87 | 18,446
24 May 2013 #2

yes :)

I can tell you to steer well clear. I've had dealings with them professionally, and they are dreadfully unprofessional. The company is owned by a Polish woman, but in reality is run by a Frenchman by the name of Michel. You can expect little to nothing in the way of support, and they will quite happy play stupid games with you (such as telling you that classes are cancelled, but in reality, they cancelled the classes on your behalf for some random reason). They will also pay late if they want to play games.

I only cooperated with them for a few months (and only for two classes a week), but their behaviour was nothing short of unprofessional. Michel is very open about how

does business (unprofessionally), claiming that "this is how it is done in Poland". You can also expect them to take no interest in the classes themselves, and our cooperation came to an end after I received a very interesting phone call from Michel, claiming that they were firing me because the students were unhappy. Yet he took no interest throughout the several months - and the complaints he listed weren't based on reality in the slightest.

Steer clear - there are many complaints online about them too.

Take a read of this entire thread - Michel is not a sane man.
OP Ahusain 3 | 12
26 May 2013 #3
Thank you delphiandomine. My gf translated that link and, yes, it doesn't cast a positive light upon Michel. That thread was from u think he might have changed since then? How long ago did u work for him?
delphiandomine 87 | 18,446
26 May 2013 #4
Couple of years back, so quite recently. I don't think he has changed one bit - in my experience with school directors, they don't change.

I wouldn't waste your time to be honest - but if you do, make it clear to him that you want a contract for a set amount of time with a set amount of hours. If he doesn't agree, you've lost nothing. It's worth pointing out that my "interview" with him was on the basis of a 10 minute phone call!
OP Ahusain 3 | 12
26 May 2013 #5
Suppose I was trying to be optimistic. With my current employer I have a contract & was not gonna have any dealings with Michel without agreeing upon one, heck no!

If I do talk with him on Tuesday, I'll ensure I stick to my approach of setting out clear terms & conditions and will make sure I'm firm. I'm well grateful for the timely intel on this, really ^_^

Poligloci...I don't recommend them.
bledi_nowysacz 2 | 53
28 May 2013 #6
I don't recommend them

Hi there, can you share some info about them please?
thnx in advance
OP Ahusain 3 | 12
28 May 2013 #7
Well, the boss didn't show up when I went to see him this morning. No apology given. Unprofessional. That's all the info I have on them...look at the rest of this thread for more...
delphiandomine 87 | 18,446
28 May 2013 #8
Not much of a surprise. I very much had the impression that he treats people like they are something disposable.

Means that my advice was right, after all ;)

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