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Universities in Poland and ancient Polish pride

david4poland 1 | 2
15 Dec 2012 #1
I am wondering if there are any parts of Poland or Universities that have a strong sense of ancient Polish pride,
and have not subscribed to any constitution of diversity among race and culture.
I am of Polish heritage and want to find a part of Poland to study where I am sure my ancestry is protected.

Any ideas?
Looker - | 1,092
26 Oct 2014 #2
You mean school where only Polish people (Pole forefathers) are allowed to become students? No such place exist in Poland (at least I deeply doubt). Even conservative Catholic universities are open for other faith foreigners, different race students.

Any ideas??

Yes. Create your own university of this type. Maybe is there a gap to fill?
Sparks11 - | 335
26 Oct 2014 #3
No matter how enlightened your views may be, I don't think that such a policy would very beneficial to such a university, if one did indeed exist. Polish unis rake in extra cash by allowing foreigners to study there.
jon357 67 | 16,921
26 Oct 2014 #4
Given that the country has a very rich history of diversity in academia as well as a centuries' old liberal tradition, our strange OP is likely to be disappointed, not least because he doesn't maki it the slightest bit clear what he means by his heritage being protected. There is however one hope for him (apart from just growing up a bit) - that's to enrol in the University of Ciemnogrod. That and the dodgy media studies place in Torun, however I very much doubt they would accept him as a foreigner.

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