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Thinking of attending Graduate School in Wroclaw Poland...

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23 Apr 2011 #1

Question...Thinking of attending Graduate School in Wroclaw Poland?
I plan to retire with some $50,000.00 year income and have substantial assets in US.Would my income be taxed in Poland if student?
My wife passed away and I have just my dog and a good job to retire from. A BS in Accounting, MS Accounting and MBA.

What kind of a place could I rent for 2 years? maybe $1,000-1,500 monthly.
I'm an American of Polish background---I'll always be an American and plan to move back to the US after the 2 years of study.

All classes would be in English as I speak no Polish but would like to learn.
I would have lifetime medical benefits and would pay private rates for care.
Would I be accepted as a student being retired? OK I’m an old guy but would like doing something different before the Nursing Home gets me.

Also, important would I be able to find an apartment that is dog friendly?
My research I should have no problem shipping dog and have my car for a year sell and would ship my other car for the reminder of the year. (or EU spec) Than I would return to US.

23 May 2011 #2
I don't have experience of attending graduate school here, but I work here. You can find nice housing for far less than 1,000-1,500 USD. IMHO, you don't need to spend that much but location factors in, as well as size. Depends what's most important to you. I'd plan to stay in a temporary spot for a week or two while I looked, in the best of all possible scenarios.

My colleagues shipped 2 cats here when moving and they were escorted door to door, through all the beaurocratic steps, the 2 of them cost $3,000 (USD). Not sure what to expect the cost would be for a dog, but I think that service would be the thing more worth spending money on, because they can quarantine your pet for some time and I think the expertise would be worth it, IMHO.

I did try to take just Polish classes at the University of Wroclaw. I was quite disappointed with the disorganization and impersonal treatment, it was equivalent to what can go wrong attending a university in the US, although for less money and more confusing in another language. Learning Polish is a beautiful thing, I recommend you spend time investigating a language school that might be more rewarding... many all over Poland offer additional activities with their intensive or summer classes that are shorter duration and could be a nice kick-start to your time here.

Maybe someone else can offer advice about graduate studies specifically. What do you want to study for your next Master's?

Good luck!

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