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What do you think about Study Fun and Think Poland?

sidou 3 | 2
30 May 2014 #1
Thank you

What do you think about Think Poland and study fun I want to take a preparatory course of Polish language What you advice me.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
2 Jun 2014 #2
I think that these websites promote studies in Poland, so it's good. Some extra money for universities is nothing bad. I advise you to use google in order to find preparatory Polish language courses. Mind that it's better to choose smaller city, because it will be cheaper.
Angrophobic - | 1
12 May 2015 #3
Merged: Traveling with Think Poland - has anyone had any experience with them?

Hey guys hope yall doing fine,

I am applying for a Msc of Management in Kozminski University in Warsaw.

I'm from Cairo, Egypt.
I was going to the Polish center as referred by the embassy here and I found a Think Poland team over there.

They said they opened this branch a couple of months ago. They offer assistance to students to help them with all pre and post studying arrangements. From application to residency and even job hunting.

I did my research online and found few information about them but registering an account on their site is not working.

They gave me a contract to sign asking me to pay € 1200 just for their assistance in the processes of applying, accommodation etc. Nothing written about the details of their help so thats why im here wondering if anyone traveled with Think Poland or heard of it cause I have a short time to apply and they seem to me like a wonderful option actually regardless of the fees they charge.

Thanks guys.

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