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Studying in university of Warsaw or Lodz and part-time for Computer Science (Programmers) - POLAND

Bukhari 1 | 1
2 Dec 2015 #1
Hi I'm from Pakistan, Karachi. I want to do my bachelors in Information Technology(Computer Science), I've searched universities according to my major and found two universities that seems convenient to me; University of Warsaw and University of £ódź.

I've contacted both universities and got the information needed. Now I've got some basic questions: Which one of them? As the city differs, which one is more friendly and good for foreigners(in aspect of part-time job and living cost etc)? And the quality of education in English? As I'm more concerned about the practical work done abroad(Which lacks in the university I'm currently studying.)

I'm currently studying IT and got some programming skills as well. Will it be helpful in getting job there?

The per hour wage is about 2.5 - 3.75 euros; searched it on the internet! Is it correct? The VISA mentions I can work up to 80 hours per month.

Plus I'll be able to pay my tuition fee(for two years approx) but afterwards I don't want to be that much of load on my parents? Any idea if I'll manage to pay it onwards on my own?

Will it be worth to leave this university and apply there? I'll get some credit points(hours) for the subjects I've studied here as well(that's what university of Lodz said! And subjects such as: Object Oriented Programming and Introduction to Computing etc).

Please suggest :)

Any kind of related information shared will be appreciable.

Thank you.
Luke84 7 | 114
3 Dec 2015 #2
Hi Bukhari,

If you really want to live & study in Poland - think about Krakow or Wroclaw as they are more friendly to foreign people. On other token - you are young man and if programming is something you want to do - why not go to UK - London perhaps. Quality of education is very good indeed and I'm sure you will be able to meet loads of friends there. I'm not saying that Poland is a place where you are not welcomed but recently there is loads of incidents happening towards foreign people. Today I read that some Sikh was attacked in nightclub, again every story like a stick has two ends. I would be more careful with choices... UK will be safer and better. Again this is only my opinion, I live here (Poland) and moved from UK. Was it a right move? Not sure, it's ok to live here, country in beautiful, people are not open minded like in UK but I don't blame them. They can see on what is happening in western Europe....
OP Bukhari 1 | 1
3 Dec 2015 #3
@Luke84 Thank you Luke for the response :) I would definitely check out the cities you mentioned and I agree that perhaps UK will be somehow the right option but I think it's over my budget. I once tried to get admission in Australian university(Central Queensland university) as well and was about to get admission but suddenly the table turned and I faced some issues that led me to leave it.

So I searched universities in Europe, but the language was the issue as initially I had to learn the native language in order to do my bachelors there. Luckily I found Poland where in some universities IT(Computer Science) major is taught in English. That's why I thought about it.

I searched about that story! I'm aware of what's happening right now but as you said every story has two ends.

I would try to search other universities; maybe I could find another option(or just stick to what I've found yet :) ).

Once again thanks for your opinion, it's really helpful.
11 Oct 2016 #4
Merged: computer science degree

Hello everyone, i am planing to study computer science in Poland. I don't know which are the best universities teaching computer science in ENGLISH ? Anyone with a previous experience can help me with this ?
kpc21 1 | 763
17 Oct 2016 #5
Warsaw University of Technology is the best one.

Then you have the Wrocław University of Technology and the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Cracow.

Not sure about the quality of the study programmes in English, but it should be OK.

Łódź University of Technology also has good programmes in English with small groups.

From private schools, known is the Polish-Japanese School of Computer Techniques in Warsaw.
Humblebee - | 2
28 Oct 2016 #6
Merged: Study at Lodz - Telecommunication and Computer Science MSc.

Hello everyone !
I would like to know respected is this course from lodz university of technology.
2.what are the prospects after this course. are the other courses which are similar. computer/electronics field
I am electronics and communication grad. and looking to retain the subject while branching into computer science.
I have prior experience working.
edit: second level study.

thank you for consideration

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