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Studying music in Poland

ForumUser001 4 | 10
19 Aug 2010 #1

Wondering if someone knows about music study in Poland. Perhaps you study, or you have friend or family member studying, and you can share some information with me.

My friend lives in Argentina and she is moving with me to Poland. Where she lives, she is in a local theatre choir (a government theatre which teaches arts to local residents for free. Sometimes they put on concerts to the public). She was also studying at a conservatory (government schools where you can study for free).

1. Will I be able to find a music conservatory in Rawa Mazowiecka (closest recognized city is Skierniewice), or surrounding area, where she can study music? It would be to study choir music.

2. Also in these areas, are there any government theatres for arts to participate in? Do you know of any choir groups?

3. Is it easy to find a singing teacher in these areas? What's the best way to look for one? How much might it cost per session?

19 Aug 2010 #2
1. Hopefully, but in Skierniewice only.
2. ?
3. Probably not - but do you mean singing in Polish or another language?
OP ForumUser001 4 | 10
20 Aug 2010 #3
but do you mean singing in Polish or another language?

Good question. Preferably one who speaks english/spanish. But she's learning polish quickly.
Nick1021 - | 3
20 Nov 2010 #4
Merged: Study music in Poland?

I just wanna study music in Poland,
Is there any good University level music schools in Poland?
Can anyone kindly give me some information?
20 Nov 2010 #5
You have 8 higher schools of Music in Poland:

Polskie uczelnie muzyczne według kolejności powstania

1. 1810 (nazwa "konserwatorium" w 1821, w latach 1831–1861 brak działalności): Uniwersytet Muzyczny Fryderyka Chopina w Warszawie
2. 1888 (nadanie nazwy "konserwatorium", szkoła muzyczna działała już wcześniej): Akademia Muzyczna w Krakowie
3. Początki XX wieku: Akademia Muzyczna im. Grażyny i Kiejstuta Bacewiczów w £odzi
4. 1920: Akademia Muzyczna im. Ignacego Jana Paderewskiego w Poznaniu
5. 1929: Akademia Muzyczna im. Karola Szymanowskiego w Katowicach
6. 1947: Akademia Muzyczna im. Stanisława Moniuszki w Gdańsku
7. 1948: Akademia Muzyczna im. Karola Lipińskiego we Wrocławiu
8. 1974: Akademia Muzyczna im. Feliksa Nowowiejskiego w Bydgoszczy

First you should say what faculty are you intrested in and then check the offer. I guess that Akademia Muzyczna in Cracow is most prestigous but it's my blind guess.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,369
20 Nov 2010 #6
Nick1021 - | 3
22 Nov 2010 #7
is it safe in Katowice?
22 Nov 2010 #8
what do you mean?
Nick1021 - | 3
23 Nov 2010 #9
i mean how is public security?
23 Nov 2010 #10
Poland is not the United States. No one shoot in people on the streets. But if you get into trouble, get in a row with some tipsy buddies then it can be really bad.

Katowice are consider as kind of quite poor area so there can be lots of chavs and louts but note I have never been in Katowice. Still I think there is nothing to be afraid of. Just listen common sense and you'll be ok.
Solo10 - | 2
24 Mar 2015 #11
Merged: Music studies in Poland

Pleas help me if you are aware of music studies in Poland. I am searching for faculty of jazz and contemporary music, also sound engendering.

I would be thankful for any kind of information. Pleas offer to me universities, colleges or schools.

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