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Studying "English Language & Literature" thoroughly in English language in Poland

Cyanide 3 | 9
5 Jul 2013 #1
I am interested in studying in Poland (well I've always been interested since 4 years ago but the opportunity never happened) and I've chosen "English Language & Literature" as the field of my studies. Can anyone recommend me some universities in Poland which offer that field being taught completely in English ?
5 Jul 2013 #2
Taught by NATIVE English speakers?

I'm sure there must be at least several in the larger metropolis:-)
OP Cyanide 3 | 9
6 Jul 2013 #3
No not particularly taught by Native speakers. Polish teachers will be great. I just want to study that field in English language, That's all. The nationality of the teacher does not matter at all.
6 Jul 2013 #4
Polish teachers are indeed "great", no question about it, teaching typically in their native language which should be their bailey wick! Why would a foreigner go to another country to learn a subject taught by another foreigner in a language not native to the student either?? Just one more instance of globalized arrogance gone completely haywire. "Back in the days" or even "Back in the day", as my students like to put it, a Pole, German, Frenchman what have you teaching a major subject in a language not their mother tongue, English let's say, would in all modesty (and intelligence) have probably used an interpreter so as the nuances of their lecture wouldn't be lost.

Today, cost-saving madness and all, this doesn't seem to matter much anymore. Who loses out? The clueless student, of course (....while the sponsoring institution saves a bundle....AND FOR WHAT??)

Cyanide, just noticed you're from Armenia. Have you got a number of "visiting" professors at your universities/colleges who lecture in English and who aren't native English speakers? Realizing that Armenian is a minority language in the scheme of things, wouldn't it nonethless be confusing for you, in Poland for example, listening to the professor lecture with a noticable accent in English which is, after all, neither the professor's first language nor yours? Allright, mathematics, i.e. numbers, is/are the true universal language, but in the case of literature, political science or history, how in the end do you really know that you've understood what the person said if you yourself are not nearly 100% solid in the target language? Remember, merely being fluent doesn't guarantee being biculturally bilingual!

Here in the US, there's an old saying: Close only counts in horseshoesLOL

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