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Have you studied at Open University in Poland?

gary200481 3 | 15
12 Jan 2012 #1
anybody here studied with open university?
12 Jan 2012 #2
yes i did and although its a bit of a slog, its well worth it. what are you studying? i didnt get the chance to go to university when i was younger because i had to work 3 jobs to pay the mortgage,(am still paying it lol!)it worked pretty well for me,but you have to be pretty focused if you are trying to fit it around work. it takes alot of time and dedication.i completed my masters in 2003. not sure if you are looking for general information,or something more specific?
OP gary200481 3 | 15
13 Jan 2012 #3
hi pam thanks for replying,i am trying to work out my best options as i left school at 16 and never undertook any further studies and am really paying for it now.i live in warsaw and am currently only able to find work at teaching level or lower-paid level and would like to work in the british embassy in some capacity but it seems to me that not having a degree is a major so confused right now.

i would like to take studies in international relations at warsaw uni or international studies at open university.
14 Jan 2012 #4
hi gary,just had a look on embassy website. to start in admin you will need between 2 or 5 gcses, depending on position( this is for england,although i expect abroad would want simlilar qualifications).anything higher up requires a degree,as im sure you have found out. i think your best bet would be to directly contact the embassy.getting a degree is always an asset, but in todays economic climate it doesnt guarantee you anything. i would imagine positions within the british embassy are extremely competitive. studying with the ou is great if you are in full time employment, as you can pick and choose your times to study, but it does require hard work! i have no idea how expensive it would be for you to study at a university in warsaw.if you want further info on studying with the ou, feel free to pm me, and good luck!

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