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Poland student visa interview

cherish 2 | 10
28 Nov 2011 #1
Hello everyone. Please can any student tell me how the student visa interview interview is in two weeks in nigeria.i got admission at wsb-nlu nowy sacz.thanks
SRK85 - | 72
29 Nov 2011 #2
Your school should help you with obtaining a visa. You need a letter stating the reason for studying in Poland usually produced by the school. As well as bank account statements, proof of health insurance, and statement of intent for living in Poland.
OP cherish 2 | 10
29 Nov 2011 #3
Thanks. I have all that.the school admission letter but please what is letter of intent and how much am i to have in my account or my sponsors account? Thank u so much
SRK85 - | 72
30 Nov 2011 #4
The program's director should have mailed you a letter stating the nature of living in Poland. Unless that is included in the admission notice. As for the bank account the Polish government wants to make sure you have enough money to cover medical expenses in case of an emergency. If you have health insurance that covers international trips you will be fine.
OP cherish 2 | 10
30 Nov 2011 #5
Thanks again.they wrote a letter that i have an accomodation in th school hostel reserved for me.hope thats ok.i also have health insurance but i dont know what the bank balance should be for my sponsor that is money for my feeding and sorry disturbing with my questions just that when u call the embassy they dont realy give u details and just hang up.and this my first time.thanks
fahumy - | 1
8 Dec 2011 #6
Student Visa Interview in Poland - general questions?

Dear Friends,

I am hoping to apply for my student visa to study in Poland at the Polish consulate in New Delhi. Can anyone kindly help me what are the general questions the VO would ask at the interview?

Please kindly help me.


oziggy - | 2
22 Dec 2012 #7
Hi Cherish how was your Visa Application? Please can you tell me how you got the health insurance.
31 Aug 2015 #8
Dear Friends
I am Md.Iakbal Hassan live in Dhaka Bangladesh. I am a student. Few days ago I try to submit the on line application process form Poland embassy in new Delhi which was not accepted .i am really sorry because I have no idea about the on line application Poland embassy in new Delhi. Last year I apply to Poznan University of life sciences Poznan, Poland. I apply for MSc. in Food Science and Nutrition Poznan University of life sciences Poznan, Poland. This university give me a offer letter & last month I paid my whole tuition & admission fee(3800 euro) .this university authority give me assurance about my registration. Already done in MSc. in Food Science and Nutrition, Poznan University of life sciences Poznan, my class will be start 1st October 2015 of Poznan University of life sciences.

I arrange my all document for face the embassy interview .but can't submitted my visa application/registration from in Poland embassy in New Delhi. Because the Poland embassy don't take or accept online visa application official page for the visa interview appointment .in that case what can I do to get the date of visa interview please give me a chance for my accept online visa application form .this whole thing related with my life.

I there for pray & hope that you will give me a chance for accept my application form or give me another way to submit visa application this thing rally related with my whole life & career

so safe my career student life. Please give me a chance for my bright future & career. I am very grateful for considering my application and I look forward to a favorable reply.

Please sir do something for me please.

Yours Faithfully
Iakbal Hassan
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Note. Dear sir/Madam/Friends please Answer me & please please Please what can i do now, Visa Application official page.I am waiting for 2 months.
terri 1 | 1,663
31 Aug 2015 #9
No one can tell you IF and WHEN your visa will be granted.
yasirmemon 1 | 2
1 Sep 2015 #10

Try Schengen Visa, there are appointments available in New Delhi embassy..

3 Sep 2015 #11
Schengen Visa not accepted for long time study, only accepted national visa or D type visa & also only one Poland in embassy New Delhi for Bangladeshi student.
JB NEP - | 1
14 Sep 2015 #12
Dear I.Hassan, Actually lot of people are facing the same problem but don't worry every single problem has a solution. Still it's showing (Lack of available dates to 2015-10-30) on their official website, So you just have to come to New Delhi along with your original documents. The only thing is just make sure you have sufficient documents, and then fill up the Application form, Buy Travel Insurance, make the bank demand draft because they don't accept cash.

The visa and consular fees should be paid by Demand Draft at the time of submission of the application. (The Demand Draft should be made in favour of "Embassy of the Republic of Poland" payable in New Delhi. The Demand Draft should be drawn on a scheduled commercial bank in Delhi for the exact amount and must not be older than 2 months)

Then go to the embassy request them for an interview. And i am sure that you will get 99% chance to submit your documents. Because i have been helping so many Bangladeshi peoples here in New Delhi. In fact there are 2 guys who just came few days back to apply for the National Visa ( Work Visa ) to Poland.

Thanks & regards
New Delhi

Good luck and god bless you. :)
terri 1 | 1,663
14 Sep 2015 #13
Please remember in all cases of applying for a visa. Do NOT bring or HAVE any forged documents with you.
You will be asked in detail about every document you present.
If these are found to be 'false' you will be arrested by the police.
roshan ghimire
5 Oct 2015 #14
hello sir i am i am applying for poland for student visa i gave my visa interview in 2015 sep 2 till now oct 5(one month 5 days) i dont have get my visa desicion and according to my offer letter my collage is start from oct 1 i have almost 5 days lose my study in collage so please could you tell me how many days do it take to public my visa desicion and what to do......
18 Nov 2015 #15
I am from Sri Lanka. I want to know where can i submit the documents for Poland student visa?
Arif N Samuel - | 1
8 Dec 2015 #16
Hello friends im Arif N Samuel.I got admission letter and now want to appear for embassy interview ,so kindly give me a tipes for successful interview . thanks
Ekta kapoor
25 Apr 2016 #17
Tell me friends is this possible in Poland to get a master degree after master degree in India.? Tell me something about it..!
opu khan
12 Jun 2016 #18
I am currently living in Malaysia as a full time student in a public univeristy. But i am a citizen of bangladesh. is it possible to apply for poland student visa from malaysian poland embassy? anyone have any idea ?
Akash Jal - | 1
30 Jul 2016 #19
Merged: Study visa interview in Poland and general info about living and studying here

Hi guys,
This is JAL. I just completed my 12th in India and I got admission in Warsaw University of Technology BSc course. I am gonna attend visa interview. How is it gonna be? Is the interview easy or difficult and any suggestions regarding anything like:- winter clothes, food, room rents, sharing dormitories, weather, places to get food for cheap price, and any links will be very helpful to me and how about the university and job offers for the students after completing degree in that University, Part time Jobs so on etc..,

Thanks in advance,
smit24 - | 5
4 Aug 2016 #20
Merged: Interview question for visa interview - After getting work permit Poland


I belongs to India.

Recently I got the work permit for very well known company in Poland. Now I have visa interview for Poland with in few days. What type of question should I expect ? Which type of preparation I have to do ? Can anyone share his/her experience ?

Kindly looking for response.


Please give me some advise guys, I have visa interview with in few days.
Lyzko 45 | 9,415
9 Aug 2016 #21
If you don't speak Polish, I'd hire an interpreter or at least request someone on hand who is a competent bilingual Polish-English speaker:-)
djinlegit 2 | 7
8 Sep 2017 #22

I need tips to successfully pass my student visa interview

Hi,so i have my student visa appointement for poland in a few Days and i am very curious about what questions will be asked in the interview and how i should be presenting myself to pass the interview.Also what all should i avoid saying in the interview?
DominicB - | 2,707
8 Sep 2017 #23

They can ask anything they want. There is no way to predict which questions, and every interview is different.

As for tips, that's easy. Answer all questions honestly and fully to the best of your ability. Don't be coy. They will know if you are lying, faking, or hiding something. They have been doing dozens of interviews a day for years, and are quite experienced at detecting dishonesty and evasiveness.

Also, make sure all of your documents are genuine. I know that it is a very common practice to use forged and falsified documents in India, but that is a huge no-no in Europe. Again, the consuls have years of experience in spotting counterfeit, forged, falsified or altered documents.
jon357 74 | 22,051
8 Sep 2017 #24
About your academic background, your family situation and your plans after you complete your studies. Good luck.
19 Jun 2018 #25
Student Visa Interview in portugal- general questions?

I am apply for my student visa to study in portugal. Can anyone kindly help me what are the general questions the VIO would ask at the interview?

Please kindly help me.
mafketis 37 | 10,882
19 Jun 2018 #26
I am apply for my student visa to study in portugal

I think somebody took a wrong turn at Albuquerque....

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