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Where to study, SGH Poland or Smurfit UCD?

belgie 1 | 1
3 Jul 2019 #1
Dear readers

I am Chinese who have been admitted by SGH (Warsaw School of Economics) and Smurfit School at University College Dublin, Ireland for the master programme in finance related. Before studying in Poland or Ireland, I have got ACCA, FRM and CFA membership via examinations and professional experiences (accounting and financial analysis in manufacturing facilities, Basel Accord consulting service, fund investment service) in China and hold a master degree in accounting from Chinese University of Hong Kong. Upon graduation from Polish or Irish institution, I need to accumulate some years working experience in Poland or Ireland. Alongside with academic credentials and professional qualifications, I can master English, German and Chinese (mother tongue), all of which at level of C1.

To study a second master degree without prior academic qualification in the equivalent sphere can be difficult to be admitted, although FRM and CFA are a plus. Let alone a small group of schools to opt for. As tution fee of SGH is much cheaper than Smurfit, Ireland, the total outlay in Poland will be halved when making comparison to Ireland. Would you recommend SGH to study? Without Polish language capability, even have world recognised professional qualifications and working experiences from China, whether the likelihood to find an accounting or finance job in Poland is extremely low?

Your answer is critical for me to make a decision. Thanks.
cms neuf - | 1,585
3 Jul 2019 #2
you would have a good chance of finding work anywhere in Europe with those qualifications - finance plus accounting plus English and German is a great combination. With that background you could get work in Warsaw even without speaking Polish.

SGH is good but you would probably have a better education and better network possibilities in Dublin and Brexit is going to make the job market for finance in Dublin very strong.

Honestly I'm not sure what are you doing an extra degree -you already have qualifications, obviously smart and ambitious and hard-working - why not just try and get some job experience instead of classroom experience ?
Atch 16 | 3,265
3 Jul 2019 #3
Smurfit School at University College Dublin

Last year they ranked 23 in the top 100 European business schools, Warsaw School of Economics is 76 which is fine, but Smurfit has very strong links with industry and some of their Masters programs are in the top ten globally. Dublin is an expensive place to live but there's a very well established Chinese community there and Irish people are extremely friendly. Smurfit also ranks very high globally for future earnings and employability of its graduates. In the long run, studying in Poland purely for financial reasons, is not a great career move for someone already as qualifed as you are and with fluent English.
OP belgie 1 | 1
4 Jul 2019 #4
@cms neuf
It seems that Dublin overmatches Warsaw. My intention to work in Europe for some time is to understand European culture and lifestyle. In China, Chinese tends to work diligently and overtime in order to achieve outperformance in KPI assessment. I am tired of such working style after travelling around EU. Without studying in EU, I could not come to EU to seek employment due to visa restriction. That is the only feasible measure.

Thanks for your detailed information. I never came to Dublin before. After admission by Smurfit, I am suprised by the near unafforable living expenses in Dublin, in particular the skyrocketed rent. I can entirely financially support myself in Dublin but do not wish to drain away personal savings in an accelerative pace. Hence, SGH comes into my viewing angle. You listed pros and cons of Dublin and prospects of career in a long run. I would prioritize Dublin in the selection. Thanks again for your message.

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