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Online Education at Poland's universities?

AmerTchr 4 | 201
14 Jan 2013 #1
By any chance are there any Polish Universities offering online European History courses, or even degrees, (in English)?

Failing that, does anyone know if University of Gdansk offers any courses in English?
Fredenmark 1 | 1
14 Jan 2013 #2
Hi, maybe you could check the Uni of Gdansk webpage and see if they offer online courses (or call them and ask). I personally can't answer your question, but if it were me, I'd give them a call and ask them, if they offer online courses in European History, or if any other Polish university does.

I checked my Danish universities - they have European History as a bachelor degree, but they don't offer online courses.

Hope it was a bit of help..
OP AmerTchr 4 | 201
14 Jan 2013 #3
Thanks! I had noticed all my Google searches were coming up in Polish and was having to manually switch to English repeatedly. When I got to Gdansk it detected I was working in English so.....

No go on Univ of Gdansk though.

Merged: Opinion on The Chain Schools in Poland

I am curious about Polish citizens impressions and experiences with the chain schools.

Specifically, SpeakUp and (if they are still around) Orange Schools are on my mind but I guess Empik should be on the list along with Bell, British Council and IH as well. What did you like and not like about them? How did you find the teachers and the curriculum? Please just say what you think about their operations. Do you prefer independent one-on-ones or the group classes the chain schools offer IN TERMS OF LEARNING NOT ECONOMICS?

If you're a native speaker teacher that simply has to say something about them, it's not a big issue but please identify that you're addressing it as a teacher/employee rather than as a student.

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