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Information about MBA Study in Poland - Polish Academy of Sciences?

27 Jan 2013 #1
Hello Everyone!

I need information about MBA study in Poland in terms of quality, reputation and post MBA experience of their participants. What is the reputation Institute of Economics of Polish Academy of Sciences? Or University of Warsaw or Others?

Are there former graduates who attended their courses who could provide information about quality and acceptance by other institution and employers?

Are these schools universities or equivalents of universities? Who accredited them to provide MBA or postgraduate courses?

Some information should help so we are all become vanguards to quality education.

Ksiesna 1 | 3
29 Jan 2013 #2
Requesting Job Opportunity related information in Poland with MBA(Marketing) and 5 years in Oracle, Marketing India.
OP WanderingWonder
29 Jan 2013 #3
Hello Ksiesna,

The information we require on this thread is about reputation of Institute of Economics of Polish Academy of Science or such MBA programmes in Poland for candidates who may be considering studying there.

Do will have people who are graduates of such programmes who could share their experience on quality of programme and acceptance of their qualification by employers of labour.

Thanks for helping out

gumishu 11 | 5,692
29 Jan 2013 #4
What is the reputation Institute of Economics of Polish Academy of Sciences?

most respected educational and scientific institution in Poland
OP WanderingWonder
30 Jan 2013 #5
Thank you so much Gumishu.

Could you help by providing further details about that particular school, please.

Are there other people, alumni or employers who could provide general information to assist a potential student to assist his evaluation?

Thanks in advance,

Patt1709 - | 1
27 Feb 2013 #6
on Sunday, March 10th, 2013, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm in the General Consulate of Poland in New York the second edition of the Fair of Polish Universities will be held. The fair will be attended by representatives of Polish universities, who will provide sufficient information on the terms and possibilities of studying in Poland.
jon357 67 | 16,870
23 Sep 2013 #7
Merged: MBA - Polska Akademia Nauk - does anyone have any experience?

Does anyone have any experience of the 1 year MBA programme offered by the Polish Academy of Sciences? Either the Executive MBA or the English language alternative?

It seems very flexible, and certainly a lot cheaper than the SGH one - but is it any good?
pavan123 - | 1
28 Aug 2018 #8

MBA in Poland - Institute of Computer Science Polish Academy of Sciences

Hi guyz, I am from India wanted to pursue MBA in Poland. I found an institute for MBA in Warsaw, and the institute name is Institute of Computer Science Polish Academy of Sciences ( Fee is relatively cheap and mainly they are offering courses just by seeing your educational certificates (No GMAT, no IELTS). I hold 10 years of experience in science domain, is it a good choice to move to Poland and study in this college? Did anyone heard about it? How about getting part time work. Mainly admission cell is saying that I might not get a student Visa for this part time course, so embassy may grant 3 months visa, once we visit to Poland, we have to apply for temporary residence it seems. How far is this true and what are the chances of getting temp residence visa and how about job opportunities post completing the course. Can you please suggest.

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