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Need info on Stay permit in Poland - student after graduation

Thanu 2 | 2
25 Apr 2019 #1
After getting graduation, how long a student can be allowed to stay in Poland to find out job opportunities.
Another question, the stay permit will be decided by University or the Poland government.
DominicB - | 2,707
25 Apr 2019 #2
Upon successful graduation, you can apply for a one-year temporary residence permit, during which time you are permitted to look for a job.

BUT, in order to get that permit, you have to provide acceptable documentation that you have the means to support yourself for the whole duration of that year in Poland without becoming a burden to the state. Few recent grads from India are able to do so.

Work for Indian citizens in Poland has become harder to come by because of competition from the recent massive wave of immigrants from the Ukraine. as very few Indians bother to learn Polish during their studies beyond, perhaps, the bare survival level, they don't offer much that the Ukrainians don't. Besides, most Indians who study in Poland do so not to find work in Poland, where wages are very low for recent graduates, but to gain access to the richer Western European countries, particularly the UK, where job opportunities are much more abundant and wages are much higher.

Make your plans on the rather safe assumption that you will never be able to earn a penny in Poland either during or after your studies. If you are not happy with that, then it would be best to look for a better place to study.

If you are able to afford it, then study AT A GOOD UNIVERSITY in an English speaking country, or if you know the local language already, AT A GOOD UNIVERSITY in one of the other richer Western European countries, like Germany.

If you can't afford it, then it would be better to study AT A GOOD UNIVERSITY in your home country. A degree from an IIM is worth a lot more than a degree from Koźmiński on the international job market.

And rather than studying generic business or finance, study one that has excellent job prospects like the math intensive fields like Financial Engineering, Financial Mathematics, Econometrics or Actuarial Sciences. Otherwise you'll probably end up stuck in some windowless basement doing data entry or basic bookkeeping for 3000 PLN a month with no chance of advancement or escape.

Generally, studying in Poland for Indian students does not make much sense, unless they already speak Polish and know enough about Poland to make realistic and concrete plans for their future careers that specifically involve Poland. The type of questions you are asking indicate that you are not in the class of students.
OP Thanu 2 | 2
25 Apr 2019 #3
Thanks a lot . And very detailed explanation you have given for my question. It depict the life of Indian student over there, if not the Poland , did you have any idea about Ireland for a finance background guy like me.
DominicB - | 2,707
25 Apr 2019 #4
Unfortunately, I do not know much about tertiary education in Ireland. A degree FROM A GOOD UNIVERSITY in Ireland would be more saleable on the international job market than one from Koźmiński, though. And there would be no need to learn another foreign language than English. The job market and wages are better in Ireland than in Poland, and many Polish people have moved to Ireland to live and work. There are also certainly a lot more Indians living in Ireland than in Poland; about 20 times as much for a country with about one eighth of the population.

Do your research on sites that deal with foreign students in Ireland. Good luck!

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