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India citizen in Poland - want to study in Wroclaw

1 Jul 2007 #1
hello there my self sumit i m from India n i m looking forward for Poland in Wroclaw university of technology for . so plz help me out guys ... i want to know about Wroclaw university of technology how it is? n what are the job prospects for Indians over there after completion of my course
1 Jul 2007 #3
hey sumit.
evn i will be joining the same univ in this session for Meng in Medicinal chemistry.....
hope to c u arnd.......
OP sumit
1 Jul 2007 #4
hey buddy thanks for replying . are u staying in poland it self?
1 Jul 2007 #5
no man I am in India to be precise Mumbai.........
whr u frm?
2 Jul 2007 #6
hey any one tell me about the,,work allow for student in poland,, i am coming to poland from india as a student visa undergrauate programes,wanna to work there //if any chance to permanent there plz ,understand me and answer to me.
Amit Chowdhury
2 Jul 2007 #7
Yes, you surely can work even full-time and study part-time. Part-time students usually study twice a month over the weekend (or 2-3 days a week in the evenings). You can choose between a private and public universities; it's usually cheaper to study in a public school, but not always.

It shouldn't be too difficult to find a job in a big city - but you'd better work on your English and Polish to have better chances. Living in Poland is not cheap so unless you have a good job and make at least 3,000-4,000 Zlotych a month, you won't be a very happy student overall (financially-wise).

i am coming to poland from india as a student visa undergrauate programes,

Do u like to advice me how many days it needs to take visa from india as a Bangladeshi Student. On th otherhand though i have a student counseling firm in Bangladesh,i have many students who feel very interest to study in poland. Do u like to give some posative advice for getting visa? Maybe i can help u for getting 1 year residance parmit & work parmit. My Friend who live poland can help u more. so feel free to contuct with me infoaecbd@gmail

2 Jul 2007 #8
oh yes will surely help ..........please do it.......
love_sunil80 14 | 127
1 Aug 2007 #9
Hello I am Sunil from Mumbai and I am going for studies too in poland in Wrocalw university of technology for computer science. If you get this message do reply me my cell # 9833880714/ 9867673698 and my email add is sumaurya@gmail. I dont check this website regularly but do check mails and my yahoo id is sunil_2000_4u. hope to talk to u very soon. take care and have a nice time.
25 Aug 2011 #11
Hello friends i also wanna study in Poland but not able to understand.i wanna improve my polish language thatswhy making to plan overthere.anyone would like to give me advice.

best regards
jyoti panchal
Levi 12 | 450
25 Aug 2011 #12
With all respect but....

Why most of the indian people internet write on that difficult way of understanding english?

It is a really ugly way to write.
25 Aug 2011 #13
you're being ironic right?
evmrs - | 1
7 Dec 2011 #14
Dear Friends,
I am Ravi Sankar from India. I got scientist post for 6 months at Center for Advanced Manufacturing which is in wroclaw university. I am looking for joining there so please kindly suggest how to get the accommodation and what will be the monthly expenditures and etc.

I am very thankful if you can help me

thank you

With regards

Ravi Sankar
IIT Kanpur
13 Dec 2011 #15
I'm from India - I would like to study MBA in Poland and I got admission in katowice university With an payed internship plz help me out guys ... i want to know about katowice university how it is? and what are the job prospects for indians over there aftr completion of my course.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
15 Dec 2011 #16
katowice university

Which one ? Uniwersytet Śląski ?

and what are the job prospects for indians over there aftr completion of my course.

If you don't speak Polish then not rather not much to be honest...
sobieski 107 | 2,128
15 Dec 2011 #17
thats a good university

Translate: A easy way to get into Schengen and the EU. I thought that lately India was the leading light on this globe? Perhaps not, then ?
Anikb - | 1
15 Apr 2015 #18
Merged: Prospective Undergraduate Bangladeshi Student wants to study Electrical Engineering

Hello everyone,
I am Anik Balo from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I passed my H.S.C (equivalent to 12th class in Poland) exam in 2014. Now I want to complete my Bachelor of engineering in Electrical and Electronic engineering in Poland as International student. Can anyone give me some suggestion or their experience how to enroll???

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards
Anik Balo

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