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Help !! I want to study Dramatic Art (Acting ) in Poland

nana_is_a_panda 1 | 3
26 Jun 2017 #1
I want to move to Poland next year and study there ..
is there anyone who could help me out ?
i don't have much information and i'm really confused ..

There's a lot of question that i have in my mind ..
Which university is better for my major ?
Is there any international college that i can take a english courses for my major( Acting ) instead of Polish ? )
and the audition to get into the University is hard or something ?

i myself searched a little and i'm really into PWST!! but the ranking of it is not what i want .. i'm too scared to make a wrong choice ..

please contact meif you have any details :} ❤️
delphiandomine 87 | 18,086
26 Jun 2017 #2
Don't stress about which university you attend, but rather focus on making as many contacts as you can here. There are opportunities for foreign actors in Poland, you just need to be very, very good at networking. PWST is a good choice, as Kraków has a huge artistic scene and there are plenty of opportunities there. It's also a well known, well established centre for the dramatic arts.
OP nana_is_a_panda 1 | 3
26 Jun 2017 #3
Thank you for the answer :) 💜
OP nana_is_a_panda 1 | 3
3 Jul 2017 #4

Do you know about dramatic arts UNiversities ?

Hi !!
can you guys introduce me some good Dramatic arts ( specially for acting ) universities ?
i'm still not sure about them and i can't find helpful details .💜
Atch 20 | 4,161
4 Jul 2017 #5
Nana be realistic. You want to study drama of all things in English in a country where English is not the native language and where English is not widely spoken. Obviously most drama degrees will be in Polish. As for rankings, it might get you through the door of an agent, but at an audition the casting director will not care where you studied, he'll care about how you read the lines and whether you're right for the part. If you're talented, hard working and determined you will have as much chance of success as anybody else regardless of where you study.
OP nana_is_a_panda 1 | 3
5 Jul 2017 #6
Thank you for you useful answer , and nah ! i think i'll study there in Polish language not English .

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