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Graduate School in Poland (not Business or Teaching)

20 Oct 2011 #1
Hey everyone.
I'm an American student of history and Russian/East Central Europe studies, graduating this year. I'm considering going to Poland for my MA at either Jagiellonian or Wroclaw for Area/EU Studies. My emphasis is on culture, history, and law, and I would like to enhance my credentials through one of these programs. I've already contacted several program directors and looked through the similar posts on the forum for information. I don't want to know "if I should go" or "will I find a job" or anything like that, because I am going to get an additional degree (JD or PhD track) afterwards.

One of my major incentives to go to Poland is language development (I've had 5 university semesters of Russian, would love to add Polish) and experience at archiving/primary research within Poland. Another reason is that I want a first hand encounter with the political culture and state of historic lustration in Poland. (Lustration, for non-historians out there, is how a group of people interpret the meaning of it's collective past and use it in the present. Wiki: Lustration for more information.)

I have some specific questions about the programs' reputations that I obviously cannot get from the program directors and websites. However all insights are welcome and appreciated :)))

What is the caliber of the students who attend the graduate English language programs? Can anyone give me a GPA range? Do certain characteristics outweigh others? ie; country of origin, etc.

cherish 2 | 10
21 Oct 2011 #2
Hey i do not have an answer to that but am about to attend an american university in poland by not in poland yet though but i hope u get help on this forum soon
SRK85 - | 72
16 Nov 2011 #3
PM me if you want have more information.
6 Feb 2017 #4
6 years later... was there ever any advice on this? im literally in the exact position as the OP and id love some information. Did you go? did it work out?

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