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Is Poland a good Place for quality education?

3 Nov 2016 #1
I am from India.
Being an Indian,i always wanted to taste the western life.
I probably would've gone to US/Canada but education is far more than just 'Costly' there.
So i looked up and Poland seems a better option.(so far BTW)
This forum is obsessed with people looking for work while studying and being an Indian i understand it.
But i am looking forward to study,nothing else.My family has enough resources to support me all the way.
I want to know a few specific things:

1. Although this is 21st century but reading this forum post makes me feels like polish people cant tolarate people from other countries(! correct me if im wrong).Also some people used terms like 'Non-white','non-catholic' etc etc which is frightening somehow.Do u think i will face racial segregation/abuse in my daily life in Poland?

2.After i finish my graduation will i be able to look for work there or i just have to simple return to my homeland?

3.What is polish people's view towards Muslims?

4.Do i have to pay 30k euro for my health insurance before coming here even if i dont want to?cuz i think there's something called NFZ where i can pay 15euro/month for health insurance. much euro a good flat (for a single person)costs ?(Inc. all the bills eg; gas,electricity,wifi etc) much time it might take for me to learn basic polish language if i try?(i understand it is a must to learn polish)

Finally---Stdying in poland-Is it worth it??
3 Nov 2016 #2
In Warsaw and in some bigger city, you shouldn't encounter many problems. I would not recommand smaller regional towns, but also some districts of bigger towns.
NoToForeigners 9 | 994
3 Nov 2016 #3
We aren't racist so you'll be OK. You can be pink with purple spots and it wouldn't matter. Just remember to keep your religious insights to yourself as a Muslim. Recent history clearly shows Muslims (in general) are troublemakers and we can see that. Western Europe is like "let them in maybe they won't blow up themselves this time" but we are all about prevention.

Smart guy learns from his mistakes. The very intelligent man learns from mistakes of others (France, Germany, UK). Shamely Western Europe just doesn't learn at all.
Wulkan - | 3,186
3 Nov 2016 #4
What is polish people's view towards Muslims?

They are usually not welcome.
Lyzko 45 | 9,508
3 Nov 2016 #5
Muslim's are indeed unwelcome, that is, unless the eurocrats in Bruxelles can see some financial incentive for them to come and stay!

It's similar to the Jewish situation during the Middle Ages and after:-)) They were scarcely shown the red carpet, and yet throughout the continent, from France aka Gaul through The Suliman's realm, Jewish traders et al. were allegedly respected for their business acumen, yet nothing else.

As soon as they outlived their usefulness, they were merrily chased out by pogroms, massacres, and other violent means, such as the Inquisition, later on.

Muslims have the added burden of being the people associated with 911, first impressions and the like.

With the Jews, there was no such justifiable excuse for ill feeling, albeit fear that the Jew was a perennial usurer, a fallacy the Church did nothing to deny))
Sari 1 | 2
27 Nov 2016 #6
Yes it´s really great! And education it´s amazing, you will enjoy a lot!
Check on Facebook groups : warsaw apartments and so on.. And you will see that you can share flat for no more than 1000zl. It´s difficult but not impossible.

I am spanish and I am living happily in a residence.
Also you can go to Erasmus House.. if you don´t know where to go at first
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 498
27 Nov 2016 #7
there is no point in coming to Poland for (higher) education, when there are much many more countries that offer it. UK, Germany, France- all of them have decent universities; living in many of them isn't much more expensive than in Poland.
Bhaumik02 - | 6
5 Dec 2016 #8
Hi everyone
I m from india.
I will plan to come poland for my bachelors study in managment from poland.
I have 5 year of gap in study.
So anyone there who adviced me that is education from poland is worth or not?
DominicB - | 2,707
5 Dec 2016 #9

Getting a degree in management from anywhere but a top school is a waste of time, and won't help you get a job, whether in Poland, India or elsewhere. Without speaking Polish well and being able to study in Polish with ease, you will have to take a course in English, and those courses are of very low quality. Future employers are unlikely to be impressed.

Study a useful subject with lots of math, like econometrics, financial engineering, financial mathematics or actuarial science. Non-math degrees in business-related fields are useful only if they come from the best schools.

Sorry, but studying an English language course in management in Poland would be a poor investment.
Bhaumik02 - | 6
5 Dec 2016 #10

That means i have to choose useful subject in managment with polish language right?
DominicB - | 2,707
5 Dec 2016 #11

Polish is a very difficult language that takes years of hard work to learn to the level that you could study in it. You will not be able to study in the Polish language, so coming to Poland to study management would be a waste of time and money.

And don't bother studying something useless like management. Pick a math-intensive field like the ones I mentioned above.
Bhaumik02 - | 6
5 Dec 2016 #12
I dont want to do job or anything but just informe me education from poland is valuable or not?
DominicB - | 2,707
5 Dec 2016 #13

It would be a waste of time and money for you, so it would not be worth it and it would not be valuable. Forget about studying in Poland.

Your English is also not good enough to study in English, so it would be best to study in your own country in your own language.
Bhaumik02 - | 6
14 Jan 2017 #14
What is the approx fees in france for BA in Administration?
14 Jan 2017 #15
Lyzko :

The jews in Middle ages would not blow themselves neither try to kill people.
They were peaceful people. I think the situation in Poland was better in Poland than else where at the time.

But muslims are definitively not like muslims.
Muslims want to convert as much people as possible to their religion. Jews do not.
They do not support critics and are willing to kill.Jews do not.

Trump your president clearly stated that he does not want anymore muslims in his country.
Why Europe can not say the same thing ?
15 Jan 2017 #16
@ przyjacielPL

I think that if anyone is going to a different country for study or work should be welcomed if he or she is doing it legally and is abiding the respective nation's laws and rules. And we must stop racial profiling everyone as well as stereotyping.

For the fact, it was European countries which invaded and colonised "illegally" more than half of the world until late 20th century, disrupting their robust economies and societies. Europeans considered themselves that only their way of life is civilized and rest are just beneath them! some cultures were well advanced and we're busy gaining knowledge and modernizing whereas the goal of colonisers was just to rule others and take away their wealth and as a result left them struggling with poverty and famine when they finally left.

And now they are the ones complaining about immigration. WOW!! If they want to stop that migration, I think they should acknowledge that the harm they did to other nations. Do they even know how much they have looted their colonies? I bet if they returned or repaid all the things and wealth they looted, I am sure no one will even look at them!

So we should stop whining about the problems of "immigration" and face it and try to solve it instead of creating a ruckus about it.

15 Jan 2017 #17
@ thezeus101 :
1. This argument is old and a sterotype too no ? Arabs converted massively under force Egypt nation,North African nations, disrupting their robust economies an societies. Arabs considered themselves that only their way of life is civilized and rest are just beneath them! They forced berbers to convert to islam ! Did they ever pay back for that ? Nope. Did Arabs ever felt a guilt over conquering half Africa and putting into slavery millions of black ? Nope ! They even castrated them their slaves.

If you talk about history we can talk for hours about history of other non Europeans nations that did as bad as Europe.
Besides Europe gave lot of money to Africa through aid. How long do we owe them ? Until the end of time ?

2. Besides Poland never participated into colonisation.
So Poland do not owe non European anything.

3. Poland should learn from the mistakes of Western Europe and stop non wanted immigration before it is too late. To solve problems of immigration it is simple : no immigration from Africa and muslim world. Thats what USA want to do with Trump and what Europe should do !
16 Jan 2017 #18

Yes I agree with your point too, but you are missing what I wanted to say at last!

Many cultures and nations have done pretty ****ed up things to others and no one is more guilty than the other.

So instead of continuing the same old path we should learn from our mistakes from past.

And I also agree that I dont know much about Poland's history and its role in the past about all these so I don't really have anything against Poland in specific. But, if someone wants to just study like genuinely the goal is just to gain knowledge why does he or she have to suffer?

Yeah, also obviously no country wants to take in unskilled labor or the freeloaders but there are many hardworking and skillful immigrants that actually do help rather harm the economy. And believe it or not many students also go back to their home country after their education.
Ahmed TUN - | 2
23 Jan 2017 #19
@przyjacielPL @NoToForeigners

Hi i am a Muslim and i am proud to be a one , but what u guy's saying is not true , you guy's all affected by the media , i know that few pretend to be muslim and kill people with the name of '' islam '' and i am sorry for that , and it doesn't matter if the one killed are from Poland , FR , GER it hurt me like a personne and humain. but i want to tell u that those people don't represent islam they are just terroriste and all the world is suffering from for exp ( Tunisia my homeland we are muslim but they try to kill us too so..... ) , and me like a muslim i don't have problem with other kind of religion cause it is personal thing . and i have lot of polish friends , so u guy's need to stop thinking like that , here i am Muslim and i respect all of you

back on topic please

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