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Is Poland a good place to study for Black Africans?

18 Jul 2009 #31
He was dreadful (even by my standards)l, I went to a charity thing at the Emabassy club once!

I went to East Ward Labour Club in Bradford once... I imagine that was similar, lol
southern 75 | 7,096
18 Jul 2009 #32
IS poland a good place to study for Black Africans?

I think Black Africans can study in Africa.And smoke dope too.
SRK85 - | 72
18 Jul 2009 #33
Yes theres racism its more sub-concius though. Last time I was in Poland the black people in the airport had a harder time at passport control. Also when going to clubs bouncers tend to check ideas of minorities more often then whites. However in bigger cities the people tend to be more welcoming towards different races. You should be fine if you stick to Warsaw or Krakow. I guess its more of an exotic thing, there are not that many people of African descent in Poland.
espana 17 | 910
18 Jul 2009 #34
True. It would take us at least 20 years to catch up with their racism ;)

are you sure?
lexi 1 | 176
18 Jul 2009 #35
So youre whole opion is based on brain dead taxi driver banter

I am taxi driver in uk, and deeply offended. I have two o levels surely that makes me clever, even delboys nephew , in only "fools and horses" had 3 o levels, as he was always proud to pronounce.
Wroclaw Boy
18 Jul 2009 #36
I am taxi driver in uk, and deeply offended.

Id be a part time taxi driver too if situations demanded it, half decent money for driving around no problem. Doesnt change the stereo type though does it.

I have two o levels surely that makes me clever

Im afraid in this day and age it doesnt my old mate - any tom, dick or harry can gain O' levels and much, much more. I never have and never will base a persons intelligence on qualifications. Give me a reason why i should. Ohh please just give the reasons, come on.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
18 Jul 2009 #37
Somebody has to to the job, WB. That's the point, everybody has a role.

Qualifications give a guide but are not the definitive one. Intelligence is a multifarious concept anyone, there are many types of intelligence.
lexi 1 | 176
18 Jul 2009 #38
Id be a part time taxi driver too if situations demanded it,

Nay I'm not really a taxi driver, brain surgeon actually, just do the the taxi driving to get a bit of cash, and love the social interaction.

However, on a much serious note. O levels were much harder than the GCSE level they do today. I really believe that. Just look how many people go to university today in comparison to my days in the 80's of course! It is alot easier , they even allow kids to do modules before the actual exam , thus reducing he stress of the actual exam.
Wroclaw Boy
18 Jul 2009 #39
However, on a much serious note. O levels were much harder than the GCSE level they do today.

I hear you dude.

Put it this way, how many peolple have you ever known to never pass a driving test through trying again and again? There are many drivers out there who should not even sit in the passenger seat let alone be in control of the car. Death just waiting to happen. Fact is you'll get there in the end if you keep trying even if genetically youre just not built for it. Scary.

Qualifications are obtainable its ones self that says hang on a minute i shouldnt really be doing this.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
18 Jul 2009 #40
Poland isn't a bad bet due to the high standards in Medicine which many Africans choose to study.
OP kamau 2 | 9
20 Jul 2009 #41
Well I got some few responses for the pro and cons of this 'white supremacy ideologies thing'.
Well leme fisrt congratulate mr.Torq ,SBKR85, Wroclaw Boy for being men out of 'thinking of clear thought than from mind-boggled,iconoclastic emotions' like those of ""my"" dude-Southern who obvosly thinks that having white colored skin gives always an impression of supremacy.

To prove him wrong is that we black people-we dont bite! we only face poor and undemocratic f***ing s***t that our leaders have imposed on us.We lack the resources but we got the capability.

LASTLY talk of distinguishing&culling the unprecedented flocks from the herd.I have obviously gotten an impression of how you guys are! Thanks everyone
mr cool
20 Jul 2009 #42
God help us.I am a black man so Poland is cool,but you need a polish girl to make it more cooler
Yoshi - | 60
24 Jul 2009 #43
IS POLAND A REALY GOOD PLACE TO STUDY for a black african? Are there racist morons and skinheads on the cheaper eastern side of the republic boardering Russia!

No. It is not a nice place for Blacks to stay for any purpose. Seriously, forget it. I've met a number of Blacks here, and they all have had some nasty situations.

I get more than enough bulls--t thrown at me in Krakow, and I am East Asian.

Besides, I am comparing it to a fairly degraded part of Manchester.
mvefa 5 | 591
24 Jul 2009 #44
For what i've heard, the worst places for dark people to live in:


Complaints i have ever heard come mostly from this 3 countries...

southern 75 | 7,096
24 Jul 2009 #45

Yesterday a russian girl told me that in her town a black man can hardly walk 5 steps before he gets beaten.
mvefa 5 | 591
24 Jul 2009 #46
Abusing foreigners like spanish do, does not make them "out about it" or "non-hypocrites" that makes them Ignorants. It is really a shame that a nation which such reach history like spain has declined so low, to condem racism as GOOD. Its really disgusting.

And Shelleys, do not come here and feel offended when someone calls you racist, Cause you are, and you are a big hypocrite, just read some comments of you in other threats, calling foreigners "SAVAGES" and stop them from destroying your country. If that's not racism, then what it is?
SRK85 - | 72
25 Jul 2009 #47
Yesterday a russian girl told me that in her town a black man can hardly walk 5 steps before he gets beaten.

Thats weird considering this

Anyways every country experiences racism its horrible. Poland should be fine like I said stick to the bigger cities.
3 Aug 2009 #48
please, do not compare Poland with Russia.. Russia is a wild country, Noland is a European one
mvefa 5 | 591
3 Aug 2009 #49
That's true, russia is beyond help!
espana 17 | 910
3 Aug 2009 #50
Anyways every country experiences racism its horrible.

true no one is better than others .

we should look at the negro countrys too , these primitive people are hunting albinos ,apparently seeking their body parts for witchcraft ...... i m sure the thing of the witchcraft is ******** and these people are not different than the kkk.

the other day i was taking my dogs for a walk and because i have one black dog and a white one , A negro stopped me in the street , and started to joke with me saying that the black one was from africa and the other one from england ..... this was a joke and a racist one , because there is a lot of black people who are english and white people in africa too.

so black people are the same than the white ones , but the only difference is that they can joke without anybody calling them racist , but they are .
tj123 - | 85
3 Aug 2009 #51
please, do not compare poland with russia.. russia is a wild country, poland is a european one

Ah yes Poland is a very posh and modern European country. Nothing at all like Russia with the bureaucratic corruption and poor attitudes. Nothing at all.

I can't imagine why a black person would subject themselves to Poland. They will be stared at and the butt of jokes (saw it just today with two Africans in the mall) Not by everyone of course but by more than in more integrated cultures. Poland is very 'white' and they prefer it that way.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
3 Aug 2009 #52
We can go to eg. Zimbabwe and see how long white persons would survive? Or in a ghetto in USA?

All racism is bad. But it disturbs me that black people's racism toward white ppl is never discussed. Politicians, media etc. don't care, and that makes people really angry.
Tun Phat
4 Aug 2009 #53
The reason so many Poles lack any form of credibility is their apparent inability to see things around them for what they really.

"Poland is no more a racist country than Ireland or UK" Please mate, get a grip.

Until Poles are able to admit there is a problem, like other countries have had to, then no, Poland probably isn't the most welcoming place for Black Africans or other non-whites to study.

It's sad, of course, but undeniably true.
MrBubbles 10 | 614
4 Aug 2009 #54
I can't imagine why a black person would subject themselves to Poland. They will be stared at and the butt of jokes

True, but to be fair Poles will stare at anyone they think is the slightest bit different to themselves - nationality, social class, other side of town, richer etc...
GregKelly 1 | 15
4 Aug 2009 #55
I think its funny, reading all the opinions of the goodie goodies.
I wonder if those same goodie goodies would be made welcome in Africa and given state handouts, housing, money, and more rights than african people ??? in their own african country ????

Africans coming to study in Poland or anywhere else in the eu, are normally educated people and thus, are a different breed of africans than we would normally see.

For instance, in Ireland,over 10 years ago, the only africans we saw were the africans who came to study as doctors etc and they paid lots of money to study.

People generally had no problem with those people.

Think about it.

what is racist about this statement ?
shygirl888 1 | 10
17 Jul 2010 #56
I will respond to you GregKelly:
the fact that you're even mentionning something you have no idea to justificate your disgust about another ethni. But no not yours, certainly not yours. You're so biaised.

And for others, what is funny in your stories is that black people has always existed in poland and then, you say you know your country, you're proud of your country, when you insult any person with melanin.
no to hej
25 Mar 2011 #57
i just want to say that i love poland and i will be moving there very shortly because i have a buisness proposition in lodz but i must tell you all that i seen a coloured guy in a pizzaria once and from the first moment he waked in everybody stopped talking and eating there food and just was staring at him until the black man just left and from that minute when he left everybody just looked at eachother and then started eating and talking again and i myself thought that this was very strange because im form ireland and was thinking to myself at that time that in ireland this would never happen in a pizzaria i dont know maybe poland isnt ready to start mixing with coloured poeple when they should because it dosent matter what your skin tone is because everyone is equal in gods eyes and thats all that matters i have no problems with any nationality because both my parents brought me up to respect people and love them for who they are just not what they look like and i am thank full that they have thought me this way because i have no grudges towards people and my life is great. i just felt i needed to tell you my stroy thanks for reading guys :)
Ice cold - | 43
25 Mar 2011 #58
I thought people in Ireland had a command of writing English.....without run on sentences.
16 Apr 2011 #59
Merged thread:
black in poland

hi everyone is it dangerous for black people to travel to poland basiccally warsaw cheers !!
16 Apr 2011 #60
Very, very dangerous!!!

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