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Good math book (math analysis) in English? Computer sciense study in Poland.

imano 10 | 42
21 Dec 2012 #1
i'm studying computer science in Poland. i wanted to ask if anyone can recommend a very good book on "analiza matematyczna" but in English.

i can't seem to find anything good for university students around and very soon i have exams. any help would be appreciated!
21 Dec 2012 #2
You really don't need a book in any language to learn math... numbers look the same in all languages :)
If you really need theory to understand it try to search something on the Internet, it's the easiest solution and time-saving.
Good luck, I've already forgot all of it, but it wasn't so bad after all.
OP imano 10 | 42
21 Dec 2012 #3
yeah you know. i do this. but sometimes they are teaching something in polish, they say something, and there's nothing like that in English with google translator!! and it's hard to find out what they are talking about :(. so i end up not knowing. i know math is the same everywhere.

in my lectures, sometimes they say somethings that i can't find English translation for. and it's hard to find what they are talking about.
21 Dec 2012 #4
Analiza matematyczna means calculus. Całka = integral, różniczkowanie = differentiation.
I'm sure you will find bulk of information about the above on the Internet.
OP imano 10 | 42
10 Mar 2013 #5
sure thanks :)

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