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Study in Gdansk and want to know about foreign student life in Poland and working environment

Sun deep 1 | 6
6 Mar 2016 #1
Hello guys! I'm coming to Poland for my bachelor degree( I already post this before but nobody has answered me properly). I'm going to Gdansk city. so, I want to know about city, it's culture, history, environment etc. my study is part-time basis so what should I do in my free time? how about working environment in vacation? I'm 2 years experienced in hotel as a waiter , is that enough to get part-time job? what about paying system ? and can I travel to other city like Warsaw, Krakow etc? hope you guys reply with all stuff including work, environment, lifestyles etc thanks!
InPolska 11 | 1,821
6 Mar 2016 #2
To work as a waiter, do you speak ... Polish? ;)
OP Sun deep 1 | 6
6 Mar 2016 #3
Hi InPolska, I can speak English as I know Gdansk has been recognised as tourist place. so many foreigners lives there and promoting their own business( I read somewhere). and currently Europe union or something like that has published about English speaking country overall which is for non-native English language as stated Poland positioned at number 6/7 I think as Sweden, Norway,Denmark, Switzerland etc continuously positioned as top. So what do you think and advice are much appreciated :)

and can you please tell me about the city and its atmosphere.?
mafketis 35 | 11,551
6 Mar 2016 #4
That poll is by a private company selling English lessons and is meaningless. For over 95 % of jobs in Poland, English is useless unless it's backed up by Polish. Polish is far more important for anything in the service sector.

GdaƄsk is mostly a tourist destination for Polish people (and secondarily German speakers) neither of which finds the prospect of dealing with a waiter in English to be delightful.

Poland was never a British colony so English is just a useful foreign language and not the be all and end all of education and work.
OP Sun deep 1 | 6
6 Mar 2016 #5
and please don't keep on mind that I'm coming to Poland to earn money, I want to challenge my life in Europe and achieve European degree as well. little bit work experience make me more mature and adaptability towards tough condition as you know already so thanks again! looking forward to your response
Saif Dabour
4 Jun 2016 #6
Merged: Study and Life in Poland

I am going to study in Poland in ILSP, Warsaw. Then I'm gonna go to a medical university. For the first couple of months the country would be unknown to me, so I need tips and everything you guys know from living costs, to telecom providers, to internet, to food, to credit cards, to everything that a teenager will need in Poland. Thank you.

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