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Film study in Poland

vahsek84 1 | 5
24 Oct 2009 #1
Nice day/night to all you nice folks,

I was interested in knowing whether Poland has any reputed film/art institues which offer film making courses. I kind of like Polish movies and have an inclination towards movies and the art of making them. I would like to tell you beforehand that I have no film making experience.I have completed a bachelors course in economics.

From where I come, i.e., India, I find Polish films very refreshing as we culturally and quite so geographically a world apart. I have watched a handful of movies such as A knife in the water, The passenger, Kanal,Colonel Wolodyjowski ,Knife in the water,et al. Mainly historical war epics.

Not straying aside from the topic, any sugestions/info will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
z_darius 14 | 3,964
24 Oct 2009 #2
National Film School in £ódź -
gumishu 15 | 6,271
24 Oct 2009 #3
as far as I know Polish film making is known for it's solid school of photography (there are many Polish directors of photography in Hollywood (Dariusz Wolski - the Pirate ot th Carribeans; Janusz Kamiński et all.)

I gather there is film photography faculty at the £ódż Film-making school - they have a website - - this is where Polanski and many other Polish film artists graduated from (cinematographic faculty) - there are couple of other faculties there

there is also an entry on the school in wikipedia (in English) -
OP vahsek84 1 | 5
24 Oct 2009 #4
Thank you very much. I appreciate your instant reply and your pointers. I was aware about the person behind POTC, but I did not know that he worked/teached at India. Its interesting that you mentioned about the skilled polish photographers, inherent in their system. That was new to me.

I shall take a look at the schools suggested in the meantime.

Thank you once again for your help and efforts,
filmstudent 4 | 5
4 Jul 2012 #5
Merged: PWSFTViT - National Film School in £ódź

I'm taking the entrance exam to PWSFTViT in a couple months. I'm curious if there are any members here who are familiar with the school?

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