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Is ERASMUS students in Poland allowed to go to another student´s dormitories?

28 Apr 2009 #1
I going to Erasmus in the next fall semester and I really wanted to go to a studnet's dormitory but the KOZMINSKI UNIVERSITY don't have your own campus, so I would like to know if can I go to another student's dormitory, can someone help me?
gumishu 15 | 6,186
28 Apr 2009 #2
no there is no exchange of students between various universities' dormitories
I would not rely on that at least
btw where is this Kozminski University?
OP Guest
28 Apr 2009 #3
ooo, that's really bad. Who about sutdent's resident in Warsawa? ah, Kozminski University is in warsava, 57/59 Jagiellonska St.
pasilobus 1 | 1
23 Jun 2010 #4
why?? if its in warsaw, u can stay lot of dormitories in warsaw?? but this is just my opinion..
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,594
23 Jun 2010 #5
Different dormitories have different policies. You must call to the Dorms you want to live in and ask them.
9 Jul 2010 #6
ı will be in Warsaw university for 5 months in terms o erasmus programme but warsaw unıversıty couldn't set for me any ı have to find dormitory or flat for my frıends and myself..ıs there any info for my situation:)
frd 7 | 1,399
9 Jul 2010 #7
You first of all you should contact your uni - probably the person who's the erzamus supervisor there. Beside that usually there are message boards in the uni building with information about flats for rent. Beside that - you can just try to find flat using flat/house renting sites ( independently from the uni ) - that's usually how people find flats in Poland when they are going to the uni that isn't near their home town.

Unfortunately all of these sites for instance are in Polish so you'd probably need somebody to translate all the offers for you. Basicaly try to find the flat that is closest to the UNI you're gonna attend to.

The site I pasted earlier is just as any other flat rental site.. just in polish ;)

As for the main topic - I'm pretty sure that most dormitories will allow you to enter you just need to leave your students id card at the reception desk.
9 Jul 2010 #8
thanks for the information FRD:) but ı think ı couldn't handle the flat thing because a lot of things tha ı have to think about such as payments ınternet and etc..So ıt would be expensive for me. I hope ı can fınd another dormity for myself:) My donation can not be enough for flat of course ı have extra money besides donation of erasmus office but ı have to be careful about calculation of spendings:D
Italian girl
10 Jul 2012 #9
Hi everybody! I'm going to be an erasmus student at Kozminski uni too! I was wondering the same thing.

Have you got some news until now?
I just looked some add about rooms for rent, but no dormitories, even if I'd like to stay there.

Let me know, if someone of you knows something about!
gumishu 15 | 6,186
10 Jul 2012 #10
Have you got some news until now?

it is quite possible that this Kozminski University (I guess it is a private educational institution) doesn't have a dormitory of its own
Italian girl
10 Jul 2012 #11
Thank you. I already knew that Kozminski does not have a dormitory. I was wondering if there was any other dormitory in Warsaw available for students, but I don't think so.

I'm looking for some room to rent.
So, if you find out some nice add, please contact me.
Thank you!
2 Feb 2013 #12
hi every one i wanted to ask too i am futur erasmus student season 2013 september i have a place in the university of technologie and i ll be happy to get a room in dormwith other erasmus .but my question is that possible need helf and information thank you all .
Lenka 5 | 3,530
2 Feb 2013 #13
You have to talk to the dorm administrator

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