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English Studies / European Studies (EU Law) in Poland

17 Jan 2017 #1
Hello, Im from Serbia and I want to study in Poland.I just would like to know after my studying which course can give me better job opportunities.I just want to come to Poland for my bachelor degree..... I have found few universities in Warsaw, Gdansk, Lublin etc.
DominicB - | 2,707
17 Jan 2017 #2
Both courses are a total waste of time and money. Neither will help you find a well-paid job. To do that, you will have to study engineering or another field with a lot of advanced applied mathematics, like petroleum engineering, geological engineering, biomedical engineering, econometrics (not economics), financial mathematics (not finance), financial engineering and actuarial studies.

Basically, any degree in a non-math major is a waste of time unless you are a top student in a top school. There are no top schools for these fields in Poland. Graduating with a degree in English studies or European studies from a university in Poland will qualify you for such exciting jobs as washing dishes, sweeping floors and cleaning toilets.

Wake up and smell the coffee, kid. You are living in a technocratic world, and math is money.

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