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Diploma of engineering is equivalent to undergraduate studies in Poland?

ploosond 1 | 2
6 Feb 2019 #1
I have been here in Warsaw, Poland since two and a half year in student visa. I applied to Społeczna Akademia Nauk for my undergraduate studies and got an acceptance letter for a bachelor in computer science. And enrolled college in 2916. But now there is been a mesh in my college, my faculty head is saying that they do not have authority from the Education Ministry Board of Poland to issue an undergraduate certificate in the completion of 3.5 years of my studies. Rather they are saying that they can only grant me a diploma of engineering certificate. And I have no choice than accepting this diploma of engineering certificate. I ask them will I be able to pursue further studies for postgraduate(Masters degree) with this certificate? And their answer was yes I can. But I doubt because in my country diploma certificate holder cannot directly join postgraduate degree. Please help me clarify this mesh and advice me regarding further studies with this certificate. Thank you in advance.
Lyzko 25 | 7,009
6 Feb 2019 #2
Where are you from and have you any plans to learn Polish? Although probably all European universities nowadays have numerous courses for foreigners offered
in English, it's always better to have a working knowledge of the language:-)
OP ploosond 1 | 2
6 Feb 2019 #3
Hi @Lyzko
I am from Nepal and I have been here since 2 and a half year studying this institute that I have mentioned above. I am having a problem regarding my degree certificate. I came here and got admission in this institute in bachelor in computer science. I am currently in the 6th semester of my studies. It was mentioned bachelor of computer science in my offer letter and acceptance letter but now they are saying my course is the diploma of engineering not bachelor of computer science. So I want to make clear that is the diploma of engineering of 3.5 years is equivalent to bachelor degree in Poland. For now I do not have any plan to learn language.
Lyzko 25 | 7,009
6 Feb 2019 #4
I applaud your decision to embark upon a course of study abroad, the importance of learning the bare minimum of the local language cannot be stressed enough in my mind.

Although the English of other international students may appear "adequate enough" for your purposes, I can assure you, it probably isn't and part of respect when living in a foreign country is being able to communicate with one's neighbors in their language.

Were I to undertake a journey for an extended stay in Katmandu for instance, although a challenge, I'd make every effort to learn just enough Nepalese to get by,

albeit definitely more people on average speak and understand English than they do in Poland:-)

Again, only my two cents worth, whatever it's worth.
OP ploosond 1 | 2
6 Feb 2019 #5
I got your point. I have learned basic language here and more concerned about my studies and focused. But dear I did not get you response close to my problem that I mentioned above.
Lyzko 25 | 7,009
6 Feb 2019 #6
Most people who are focused on their studies etc. often do let lots of stuff fall by the wayside.

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