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Concerning studies in Poland! Cheap options?

Nick24 1 | 3
10 Oct 2012 #1
Hello to all! I am glad that i had the luck to find this site in my searchings since it looks a forum that you can get good advices from original polish people :P

So! As the tittle says i am interesting to come for a batchelor study to take a degree in 3 years. I searched alot these days your universities and i am interesting in something on Economics and business...Specialization like management business /marketing. First of all i want something really easy. I am in age that i cant spend anymore alot hours in studing...Also it has to be cheap...not big deal as i have see that the most universities is 1000 euros per academic year and some programs exempts their students from payment if they are from Europe union.

So i would like to hear some advices too but i am between the cities Wroclaw/WarSaw/Poznan and maybe Lodz :P
I would like to hear wich of them is good for a crazy student life with parties girls :P A city that is really friendly to foreign students and it is easy to enjoy the girls company :P

hello again! Unfortunatetly i dint saw any helpfull answer but i have to ask again since maybe sees it and say me a opinion....Wroclaw university of economics ? It is easy ? I would love to hear experiences not only from Polish people but from students from other coutnries too that they could compare it with their universities in their country. It is necessary to attend all the lessons? I will have to share some times between greece and poland...

I was thinking also about computers science studies but i think fees its too expensive i dont have any idea about how they work how easy they are etc...
jwojcie 2 | 762
11 Oct 2012 #2
If you are looking for easy studies then don't bother with computer science (engineering studies are generally considered not easy, but on the other hand maybe math is your native language).

As for economy studies, the most prestigious in Poland is Warsaw School of Economics, maybe Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego also, but this one is not public.

Wroclaw uni of economy is ok, somewhere at the top of the list also.

I will have to share some times between greece and poland...

It depends but generally lectures usually aren't mandatory, but practise or laboratory lessons are. So it is rather impossible to spend a couple of weeks in Greece during semester.
OP Nick24 1 | 3
11 Oct 2012 #3
Thank you really for you precious answer! very kind of you!
No math isnt just my native language but the one that i hate!!! i think management and economical universities is at least a bit more theorotical!

Concerning about laboratorys lessons i was hoping that in these kind of faculties arent many and there are semesters without laboratorys!
So if you had to advice me for a really easy university who it would be from the aboves?
Warsaw economic schools or Wroclaw?
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149
11 Oct 2012 #4
Just get a factory job or something.
OP Nick24 1 | 3
11 Oct 2012 #5
thank you it doesnt sound a interesting option ;) And i have thank god a few money and help from parents to try other i would be glad to hear On topic answers.
jwojcie 2 | 762
12 Oct 2012 #6
Yes there are semesters without laboratories, but there are hardly semesters without practise lessons..

Dude, from the sound of you so far one could gather:
- you have no real desire to study (in the meaning of learning not parting)
- you hate math, yet you consider economy or which is even more hilarious, computer science

So to answer you, yes there are many higher schools in Poland that offer easy studies, but it is really not worth to bother .. There is plenty of people especially after various "management" studies without any chance to work in the field... Any serious economy studies involves some math, so don't even think about any serious university before some attitude change.
OP Nick24 1 | 3
2 Nov 2012 #7
Thank you for your answer!
Sorry that i was late to my answer but i was busy with some in real life problems...
Let me explain more my shelf! Yes i am guy who hates the hard maths...(decent maths i guess is ok for me)
And yes i am not the type of the student that can read for hours and hours!
I did the mistake to pass at a university in my country Greece where was too diffucult for me! I spent there almost 8 years without succeed and i dont have any more time for lost.

So i dont risk it.
I want easy studies
All that i need is a bachelor. Concerning your worries about if i could find job with a easy degree dont worry. Because i have people that can help me. All that i need is a damn bachelor.

So could you guide me a bit on this? Name some solutions for my problem?thank you so much!
wawa_marek 1 | 129
2 Nov 2012 #8
:P A city that is really friendly to foreign students and it is easy to enjoy the girls company :P

Wroclaw will be great.
Tehreem Sajjad - | 1
31 Dec 2016 #9
Merged: Study in Poland - cheap universities and scholarships

I want to study for undergraduate degree in poland. I need help about cheap universities and scholarships in poland. Thankx
DominicB - | 2,707
1 Jan 2017 #10
@Tehreem Sajjad

It's rarely worth the time or money for an Indian or Pakistani to study in Poland. Courses taught in English are generally low quality, and the degree won't open up any doors for you at home or abroad.

It would be better to study in Pakistan.

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