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Where are the best Make-up Schools in Poland?

9 Feb 2012 #1
Hi there,

I don't know if this is the right place to place my question, but I found this forum on google and I need help.

Does anyone know any good Make up Schools/ Make up courses in Poland?
Most likely in Poznan, or anywhere near Poznan.

I am looking for the top best Make-up schools.
Thanks in advance.

17 Feb 2012 #2
Maybe it would be better to start with some private lessons, unless you need a formal degree.
JonnyM 11 | 2,615
17 Feb 2012 #3
a formal degree.

In make-up?
14 Oct 2013 #4
Hi! i'm French and i'm a makeup Artist in Paris, i had my degree in a Polish makeup School.
I know that you have 2 great school in Krakow and atleast more in Warzaw....

But all those school are private and quite expensive.

Good Luck
27 Oct 2013 #5
Hi Mylene, which school of makeup you did in poland?

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