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Bank Balance requirement for Bachelors Degree from India in Poland

ashok2040 1 | 2
23 Apr 2018 #1
Hello Everyone ,

My brother is going to study Bachelors degree in poland at vistula university , We are really confused with bank balance required , We have currently deposited 7 Lakhs for the past month , Is it enough or do we need put more money in ?

All your answers are much appriciated
Atch 16 | 3,202
23 Apr 2018 #2
As I understand it, a Lakh is 100,000 Rupees? Indian or Pakistani? You have 700,000 Rupees in the bank account. At the present exchange rate that converts to:

Indian Rupee , 35,948 złotych

Pakistani Rupee, 20,523 złoytch

Apparently, a student entering Poland is required to have 543 zł per month for a stay of 15 months. You also have to have either a ticket home or an additional 2,500 zł to purchase one. So either way, Pakistani or Indian Rupee, you seem to have more than enough to meet the requirements.
OP ashok2040 1 | 2
23 Apr 2018 #3
Thanks for your reply , he is going to pursue 3 years course , The fees per year is 3500 Euro , which comes to 43,883.07 złotych (Tution fees) + 36 month living expenses are = 19620 złotych +2500 złotych(Flight ) = 65953.07 złotych is required in his bank ???
Atch 16 | 3,202
23 Apr 2018 #4
As I understand it from the link I posted, the tuition is not included in the bank balance, only the living costs and he only needs to show that his living expenses are covered for a period of 15 months, not the entire three years:

"543 PLN for each month of the stay for a period of 15 months"

"or for the entire duration of intended residence in Poland, if the stay is intended for less than 15 (12) months."

The Polish government wants to attract foreign students because of the tuition fees they pay and expecting students to have enough money for three years is a bit unrealistic. I suppose that's why the ticket home cost is factored in, the idea being that if the student runs out of money and parents can't provide more, he/she can go back home.

But just in case you're not aware of living costs in Poland and especially in Warsaw, nobody can survive on 500 zł a month. He would need about three times that amount to rent shared accommodation near the university and have enough to eat. It would provide basic food and shelter and not much more. If he has very low rent, maybe he could manage on 1,000.
OP ashok2040 1 | 2
23 Apr 2018 #5
Thanks for your info mate. Really appreciate your help , if you could tell the exact required documents that will be even more helpfull .
Atch 16 | 3,202
23 Apr 2018 #6
I'm afraid I wouldn't have a clue beyond the details given in the link that I posted. The only advice I can give is that usually with the Polish authorities it's always best to have more documents than less!
Jaggy - | 4
7 Feb 2019 #7
I think for work permit maintaining bank balance is not that required for migrating to Poland

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