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Phd Studies in Polish Academy of Sciences or University of Economics Poznan?

1 Nov 2012 #1
Dear Friends,

I got admission to do Phd studies from Polish Academy of Sciences and University of Economics Poznan. Since i am a foreigner , I have no clue about the prestige and reputation of both schools in Poland.

Please kindly provide me your valuable suggestions.

Many Thanks in advance.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
1 Nov 2012 #2
It is strange you got admitted to an institution you know nothing about.
On which criteria did you select them?
NorthMancPolak 4 | 648
1 Nov 2012 #3
lol, this is a wind-up.

Who on earth gets admitted to a university at doctorate level, without knowing anything about the institution's prestige and reputation? Or, more to the point, who would elect to undertake such high-level studies without learning about the above?

Unless it's one of those people you see on "UK Border Force" who claim to be studying for "Business Work Degree" at the "London College of Managerial Management and Science"... while this really means "working illegally in a private hire firm or take-away, because the college doesn't exist or is under investigation" :D
sobieski 107 | 2,128
1 Nov 2012 #4
We missed somewhere the subtitles "Entry ticket wanted into the EU and Schengen" :)

Next thing we we know, he will introduce us to a really great money-making scheme by someone in the National Bank of Nigeria :)
OP Roberty
1 Nov 2012 #5
Hey guys,

Use a bit of your common sense..its not knowledge test here. Of course i know about these institutes, being a foreigner i cannot completely asses them. Normally local guys have some genuine information about them that is the reason i asked this question.

if you can answer do it otherwise leave it...its not a playground to show your talent.

If you all think so great about your talents..use them to excel in your own life's.

Best of luck

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