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Why is that one must wait one year to repeat B1 Polish language exam!

peaceforce 2 | 12
19 Aug 2016 #1
I'm applying for polish citizenship, one of the requirements is passing B1 test of polish language from one and only test provider which is

problem is that one has to wait for a year if he doesn't pass the test at first trial which as a result would postpone becoming a citizen for another year and so on.

Applying for my medical license I had to wait for 6 months to repeat the polish medical language test. Those who have tried any exam in Poland know very well how hard and time consuming it is in the absence of a proper study and practice materials and the abundant lack of information. I love this country, but I really don't understand why a European country has to be this way in the 21 century!
kpc21 1 | 753
19 Aug 2016 #2
Because it costs money to prepare an exam and it's not affordable to prepare it just for a single person?

It doesn't mean that they couldn't organize an exam just for you if you pay more - but the language certificate organizations often have such policies that they organize exams periodically and it's nothing weird with this for Polish. When I wanted to get a certificate in English - there were also only some specific dates when it was possible to take the exam.
terri 1 | 1661
19 Aug 2016 #3
The reason for the delay is also to give you time to 'study' a bit, so that next time you are successful. The Polish exam is hard.
OP peaceforce 2 | 12
20 Aug 2016 #4
Polish exams are held few times per month, but of you don't pass you have to wait for a year before applying again.

In my case I passed 3 of the 4 parts with high marks and failed the last part by a small margin so it is not fair to set such a long wait.

For example: ILETS (UK), TOEFL (USA) english test respectively, could be taken as much as you want until you get the required score with no waitng periods, same goes for Goethe institute certificates of German language and French DSH

Also medical and lencesing test USMLE (USA), AMC (Australia) and PLAB (UK) all could be repeted without a waiting period.

People assuming that putting such long waiting periods for test takers is helpful are really mislead, because this is very uncommon anywhere else in the world!
Sparks11 - | 333
20 Aug 2016 #5
I like Poland too... Unfortunately, the correct answer is probably more along the lines of "The people who prepare and administer the exam are lazy and don'r really give a sh**

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