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Msc Mining & Power at Wroclaw University

vishalkrm 1 | 2
25 Jul 2013 #1
I am planning to study Msc Mining & Power Engineering at Wroclaw University of Technology from February 2014. I need to know how's the university and job prospects for technical graduates in Poland. Is there any minimum grades or percentage they look for, before giving offer for admission, in Msc?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
25 Jul 2013 #2
job prospects

There are no job prospects for those that don't speak Polish, especially those that require work permits.
OP vishalkrm 1 | 2
25 Jul 2013 #3
thanks for the inforamtion, however not a big deal if no jobs in Poland, I am more concerned about the university.
Kowalski 7 | 621
25 Jul 2013 #6
the school is reputable. English courses are probably made solely for students from Angola and Nigeria as Poland has some government agreement with those countries dealing with education in mining sector. Recently a polish school program has been opened in one of those countries ...cooper mining being main concern . As for admission long as you pay and have some prior education you should be admitted. I didn't really study the subject , just read on it here and there some time ago.

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