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I would like to pass examine for get diploma of French language in Warsaw...

ven der 5 | 8
19 Jul 2011 #1
hej everybody

I have a question I would like to passe examine delf for get diplom of french language, but looking for the cheapest where I would to find it ? im living in warsaw
kasiaanna - | 1
10 Apr 2014 #2
[Moved from]: I am in Warsaw for August, am looking for an Intensive French course/language exchange groups

I'll be alone in Warszawa for a few weeks this August. Ideally i'd like to do an intensive French course while i'm there, or just find something to do for a few weeks (I'm an EU passport holder). Does anyone know of any such French course?

Also, i'm an Australian with perfect English skills but my Polish is rusty. Are there any language exchange/conversation groups in Warsaw and if so how can I find them?

- Kasia
Monitor 14 | 1,820
10 Apr 2014 #3
12 Apr 2014 #4
Be sure you have a French native speaker teaching you; Poles tend to have a strong accent in French and it's not a very forgiving language when it comes to pronunciation.

The Institut Français is probably a good option.

Bon courage !
Looker - | 1,122
6 Dec 2014 #5
I have found only Institut Francais which provides DELF exams in Warsaw, but prices in other places are rather the same.

ul. Widok 12
00-023 Warsaw
tel. 22 505 98 00

Prices for DELF Tout Public exams:

DELF TP A1 170zl
DELF TP A2 230zl
DELF TP B1 300zl
DELF TP B2 390zl
DELF TP C1 470zl
DELF TP C2 520zl

Home / Study / I would like to pass examine for get diploma of French language in Warsaw...
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