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Learning Polish in Warsaw - good school recommendation?

biswas 1 | -
10 Mar 2011 #1
I'm planning to learn Polish, that's why i'm searching some good language school near center.
Do you know any? which one could you recommended for beginner?
Thanks a lot for help!
Skoy 2 | 7
10 Mar 2011 #2
IKO near Nowy Świat is great to get you started (and beyond). You can find it on
marzycielka - | 1
30 Mar 2011 #3
Hey, I don't know if you're still looking for a school or not, but PFF school (which is in the Old Town) is pretty awesome, and the owner is the most awesome person in the world. :) I took a term of Polish from them, and learned a lot, even though I was in a class with students at a lower level than myself. They're maybe 100-200zł more expensive than the average price for three months, but well worth it IMO.

Their site is here -> (sorry I can't put the full URL, I haven't posted enough so they think I'm spam and won't let me :'))

Good luck with your studies!
16 Nov 2011 #4
Merged:Where to learn Polish in Warsaw?

Hi guys,
can anyone reccomend me where to learn Polish in Warsaw? I would like to take this challenge... althought I heard
it is almost impossible to master this language:)I heard that Polish courses at University sucks at they are really grammar oriented,
teachers are old and books look like from 80's.... I wonder which schol is the best to start with? Can anyone help?
gero - | 11
16 Nov 2011 #5
I am also searching for good place to learn polish in warsaw,i heard this 2 places &
if any one can recommend another good places it will be nice.
db1874 7 | 227
16 Nov 2011 #6
I used this place: Centre for Polish Language
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
16 Nov 2011 #7
althought I heardit is almost impossible to master this language:)

I know at least one person who managed it :)
18 Nov 2011 #8
Hi Petra, I was studying with Academy Pff Warsaw, they have office by the old town. I had classes with a very good teacher, I think her name was Ivona.

They had good price deals and not too big groups, I was enjoying classes a lot.
18 Nov 2011 #9
Gero, I was studying with I started with individual classes, then I changed into small group. I moved there from IKO, I prefered course at Pff much more, they cared more about the course and students. But this is only my opinion.
gero - | 11
20 Nov 2011 #10
Thanks AndreasMc
22 Nov 2011 #11
I am learning via Skype with learn-polish-in-poland.
gero - | 11
22 Nov 2011 #12
John2011 how you learn via skype i found only on there website skype to contact only. if you can explain more please.
wwwpolyglotocom 1 | 21
6 Dec 2011 #13
it is almost impossible to master this language:)

Nothing's impossible :) If you have motivation and really want to learn, you will be successful :) If you have strong self-motivation and want to start learning a language from the beginners level you should maybe try look for some online courses. Polish might be hard to learn for some people and obviously, like learning any other language, it is really time-consuming. I can suggest that you’ll have a look on some online courses which are both time- and money- saving.

there is no need to spam the forum with your website.
10 Jan 2012 #14
If anyone wants to learn polish via skype i suggest a system. I can teach you Polish for 1 hour and you will teach me English for 1 hour in return.

my e-mail: misiurski[at]gmail
dhrynio 5 | 97
10 Jan 2012 #15
I went to this school and loved it!! I took a normal course as well as an intensive and they were great!
sarahk - | 18
11 Jan 2012 #16
I heard that Polish courses at University sucks at they are really grammar oriented

I was a student at SGH and took Polish courses there. The teacher they have is great and had created her own book/handouts. She recommended the Polski mniej obcy books, but I don't know if there's a beginner level for that... it wouldn't hurt to check out the options, there are tons of courses available in Warsaw!
ryanb 24 | 23
11 Jan 2012 #17
I am taking classes at Polonicum at the University of Warsaw. My instructor has been very good but the class is too big (fifteen or so). My wife and I also took private lessons from

I was extremely pleased with Anna Wojtasiak as a teacher. She tailored our course to our needs, came to us and taught in our apartment, and it was not as expensive as I had expected.
14 Feb 2012 #18
Hi, I recommend you CJP. They use communicative method, focusing on day to day needs. With them Polish seems quite easy and lessons give you a great fun without any stress. You can choose individual or group courses intensive or regular or "Survival Polish".

Try it!
You can find more details on website
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
14 Feb 2012 #19

They don't have a good reputation.
26 Mar 2012 #20
well, I can recommend 2b language consulting (visit their web, as they do good job, just contact them and ask for details.

anyway, polish isn't an easy language to learn with all these crazy grammar rules... :///

good luck guys!
Letizia - | 4
23 May 2012 #21
Merged: Polish language learning school in Warsaw with a nice atmospheres? - advice


I live in Poland few years already but I recently moved to Warsaw and I would like to continue learning Polish here.
Could you please recommend a professional Polish School with a nice atmosphere?:) I would like to take a group course in a small group...Thanks!
pip 10 | 1,659
23 May 2012 #22
google IKO. I went there- it was quite good.
Ella Lily - | 1
23 May 2012 #23
Letizia, check out Academy Pff at Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street. I was studying there and I enjoyed it:)
catsoldier 62 | 595
23 May 2012 #24
Do you find it easy to learn Polish in Poland?
hroosky - | 1
4 Jun 2012 #25
Well, it's a lot easier to learn here in Poland than in Dublin, that's for sure :) I suppose the key thing for me is having the chance to practise and even though I live here in Warsaw, I don't really speak that much.

With regards to the courses though, I've taken courses with a few schools in Warsaw but the only school I've gone back to (taking my 3rd course now) is Pola ( so I suppose that's about as a good a recommendation as I can give. I'm moving to Wrocław in the next few months though, so if anyone has any tips for a school there, I'd love to hear!

At the moment I'm taking courses from Pola ( I've taken a few courses with others schools but these guys are the only ones I've gone back too. Plus they're really good at giving you extra classes if you've missed a few. But I suppose the most important thing is that I've always been placed in a group that's at or just above my level. The first few schools I went to didn't really seem to care if the other students in the class were at the right level and to be honest it's a complete waste of money when you're in a class with people who are a few levels below or even above! So whatever you do, make sure you're happy with the level of the group!
fatihy 3 | 6
23 Sep 2012 #26
Merged: The best Polish course for foreigners in Warsaw ?

Dzien dobry;

I am student in english study. I want to improve my polish language.
Could you advise me polish course in warsaw ?
pip 10 | 1,659
23 Sep 2012 #27
I went to IKO. It was quite good.
Agata Polish - | 1
9 Oct 2012 #28
Hi! Do you want to speak, write and read in Polish? If you change your mind and turn into private lessons then you should give me a call! I will make it possible! :) Agata – Polish language teacher. Native with teaching experience. Please, feel free to contact me by my email address on this website.
16 Oct 2012 #29
Nice atmosphere is at edu&more school, guys, coffee, sometimes candies .
hearts_alice - | 2
5 Dec 2012 #30
Merged: Best Polish Language Course in Warsaw?


I know it feels like this conversation has been beaten to death with a hammer, a bat and a lawn mower, however, I feel like all the threads are old and I would love some new insight on the situation...

I want to take a Polish language course and would love to know your opinion on which ones are the best?

So far, I've found these:




Or something else maybe?

I don't want a private lesson. I would like to take a course with other people for social benefits too. It's so freaking cold but I cannot stay in any longer!!

Thank you for your help ;)


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