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Study about law in Polish?

QueeNisha 2 | 9
3 Apr 2013 #1
do in polish allow for foreigners to learn about the laws of the country in one of the universities in polish?

if allowed,... which is the best university to study law in polish?

ShortHairThug - | 1,103
3 Apr 2013 #2
I'm confused, are you asking if you can study law in Poland as a foreign student or do polish law allows foreign students to study in Poland?

The answer to both is yes but both polish nationals as well as non-polish nationals who enroll in the law program are subject to the rules applicable to polish nationals and the instructions themselves are in Polish, so unless you plan on making Poland your home and practice law in Poland this would be a complete waste of time for you.
OP QueeNisha 2 | 9
4 Apr 2013 #3
I get what u means .. i dont want to practice law in Poland .. I just want o learn. thanks
jwojcie 2 | 763
4 Apr 2013 #4
law is very regional thing - different in every country, even among EU countries.. I'm not sure it is the right choice if someone don't intend to stay in Poland.

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