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Polish language school in Tarnow or Rzeszow or Sanok?

30 Jul 2012 #1
Cześć guys :)

I am thinking about moving Poland and studying Polish language.
I found some in Krakow but I'd like to find one in either Tarnow or Rzeszow.
I visited Tarnow this month and I loooooved it. I have friends nearby Tarnow.
One biggest problem I may have is that I'm a non-EU citizen (I'm Japanese). I'd like to study more than 6 months, therefore, I have to obtain a visa.

I wish I were an EU citizen so that I wouldn't need to get a visa :(( (I'm so jealous of those who are EU citizens).

Anyways.. I'll be very happy if you guys give me some info.

Dziękuję bardzo.
grubas 12 | 1,390
30 Jul 2012 #2
As a Japanese you shouldn't have a problem getting visa.But Tarnów?
30 Jul 2012 #3
Yes Tarnów or Rzeszow. I know it seems crazy for you. Like "What!? A Japanese wants to study Polish language in Tarnów or Rzeszow???" lol...
catsoldier 62 | 595
30 Jul 2012 #4
I don't think it is funny, I think that it is ok, you could be doing a lot worse, learning a language isn't a waste of time especially if you enjoy it.

Some people sky dive, some people paint, others watch sports on TV, none of them are wrong, it is whatever you like to do that is important.

I think that they are just questioning your choice of Tarnów but if your friends are close by it makes sense.

Powodzenia hej :-)
30 Jul 2012 #5
Thanks for your reply catsoldier :)
I love learning new things. Learning different language is one of the bests. I actually want to find a job in Poland but you know it's super hard without some knack of Polish language. I thought it would be not that hard for me to find a job in Poland with knowledge and command of English.

Poland is such a wonderful country. I know It sucks at economy but so what? Being in Poland makes me so happy. I just have super great Polish friends.. and I'm so happy about it. I'd like to be close to them.
grubas 12 | 1,390
30 Jul 2012 #6
thought it would be not that hard for me to find a job in Poland with knowledge and command of English.

English doesn't give you any advantage in Poland,just ask British members of this forum.But I think you might find a job as a teacher of Japanese but you would have to go to a city bigger than Tarnów or Rzeszów.Also,many Japanese companies in PL eg.Toyota in Tczew.

If Poland makes you happy come on over,we can fit one Japanese here, not a problem.If I was to stay in Poland (I am going back to the US)we could start some services for Japanese tourists.
30 Jul 2012 #7
That is so unfortunate to hear that you're going back to the US grubas. I would definitely help you with the tourism services.
Don't go back to the US, stay Poland and let's do some business here in Poland haha :)
grubas 12 | 1,390
30 Jul 2012 #8
let's do some business here in Poland

I am serious dude.there are tours of Japanese visiting Żelazowa Wola (where Chopin was born),Warsaw and Kraków and if you provided them service in japanese you could make a decent living out of it.Poland is still relativelly undiscovered as a tourist destination and maybe you being a Japanese could find something attracting more Japanese to come here for a visit.Think about it.

Don't go back to the US,

You know,you got to do what you got to do.
30 Jul 2012 #9
Thank you so much for your advice. I'll think about it :)
catsoldier 62 | 595
30 Jul 2012 #10
I just have super great Polish friends.. and I'm so happy about it. I'd like to be close to them.

How did you meet them?
30 Jul 2012 #11
Obaka, I commend you! You're right to want to learn Polish if you intend to work their. Were it just for a day trip, a week vacation etc., I might say it's not that necessary to learn but a few phrases. Otherwise, ucz się pilnie a powodzenia! (Study hard and good luck!) Above all, have fun learning Polish. Probably, it'll be as much a challenge for you as Japanese would be for usLOL

Don't mind the glaring typo in my post, friends!LOL
31 Jul 2012 #12
It's kinda crazy story. I met one online and I visited Poland last year for the first time and met others :) Of course I was totally skeptical of meeting and making friends online cuz you know it's a cyber world. But I was lucky enough to meet a person who I can share everything. I visited Poland this summer again. And I decided to move to Poland :) I learned that it's possible to meet great, wonderful and reliable people online.

To Lyzko

Haha thank you for your comment :) Maybe I don't have to learn Polish to get a job in Poland but why not? I'm not very young to learn and master a different language but I can try that out you know :) I think reading and writing Polish will be the hardest, on the other hand just speaking and communicating will be not as hard as reading and writing I guess.

Haha nie ma sprawy my friend :D Everybody makes mistakes ;))
31 Jul 2012 #13
Well anyway, enjoy Poland and Polish! I found learning the language enormously rewarding, both personally, not to mention, professionally.
Dobrej zabawy or Have a good time:-)))

Thanks for the last edit. I agree with you one hundred percent!! So nice to see such shared enthusiasm^^
31 Jul 2012 #14
Sure I will enjoy Poland and learning Polish :) But first of all of all I gotta find school LOL
pip 10 | 1,659
31 Jul 2012 #15
I went to Polish language school with a few Korean guys. They totally picked up the language- their pronunciation was off because of the tongue placement differences in the language- but they were really good.

The Chopin idea is really great- I see a lot of Japanese tourists in the summer listening to the Chopin concerts in Lazienki Gardens- I am sure they would love an insiders perspective.

Study up on your Chopin.....maybe it could help you.
31 Jul 2012 #16
Obaka, understand and learn to love (at least appreciate) Chopin's music, and you will understand "dusza Polski" (the soul of Poland). If I were to learn Japanese in Japan, you'd probably tell me to "brush up on your Mishima"!
1 Aug 2012 #17
To pip
Thanks for your advice :))

To Lyzko
Brush up on your Mishima hahaha that's funny :D I wouldn't tell you like that cuz not that I respect Mishima lol..
Well I love music but I don't listen to classic music a lot :/
Pierre Legrand
13 Aug 2012 #18
OBAKA, try Awans school in Rzeszów or Tarnów I'm french, working at WSK Rzeszów. Learned polish at that school. Very fast, and liked the teacher ;) I paid 49 PLN per lesson.
13 Aug 2012 #19
From your English, Obaka, I wonder how much English literature you've read:-)
And now you want to start in with Polish??

20 Sep 2012 #20
Hi, Obaka... I recently moved to Tarnów, where i now live with my wife and 1 year-old son... Although i get to work with my company over the internet, i still NEED to learn polish. Life gets awfully narrow when you don't speak the native language in some level... Did you manage to find any possibility?

GZA - | 2
27 Nov 2012 #21
Hi Miner, hi Obaka, I live and work in Bochnia and Krakow, all foreigners living between Krakow and Tarnow are welcome to my Polish class, held in Pozytywka center in Bochnia. For now we meet Wen 9.30 Fri 10. Good learning conditions (classroom), I'm an experienced pro with degree in teaching Polish as a foreign lg. Level A1 for now, but everybody is welcome:)
30 Nov 2012 #22
Thank all of you for replay :) I found one in Kraków already :)

How can I close a thread btw? lol
5 Jan 2013 #23
Thank you GZA for answering, Level A1 might be just what i need... Are those lessons still open? Are they held during mornings or evenings? Miner...
8 Jan 2013 #24
Hi Miner, I'm in GZA's class. Yes the lessons are still open. Right now they are held in the mornings. You can email me: "bochnia.english 'at' yahoo dot com"
GZA - | 2
11 Jan 2013 #25
Hi Miner, wite me at samhar (at) for Polish lessons in Bochnia/Tarnow/Brzesko area, we're meeting Wen/Fri at 9 am, but I'm sure we can work sth out if that's not OK with U. Best!
17 Mar 2013 #26
I would like to contact some English Language Schools in Poland. I would invite them to consider organising for teenagers to
come to Greystones Language School, in Wicklow, known as 'The Garden of Ireland'. We organise English Language Courses
during the Summer months and although we have many Spanish, some French and Italian we do not have Polish. I would very much
like to introduce Polish students to the course.
lcnbrk - | 1
23 Nov 2019 #27

Polish for foreigners (Polish language school around Rzeszow or Sanok?)

Hello dear Poland citizens
My name is Burak and I'm from Turkey, I studied tourism, I was living in Krosno around one year and I had to come back to my country cuz of visa expired, I would like to come to Poland and improve myself. So is there any Polish language school around rzeszow or sanok? Because I know there is no place in krosno.

Thank you for your precious time.

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