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Looking for Language School Suggestion in Krakow

grspring 11 | 55
10 Jan 2013 #1
This summer I will have an extended stay in Krakow by myself (my wife who is a native speaker will return to the US) to attend a language school. My Internet searches found several schools so I'm wondering if someone can recommend one that has a two to three week intensive course. I do not need accommodations since I own an apartment in the town center.

Slein Jinn 2 | 19
10 Jan 2013 #2
Perhaps surprisingly, most of the best schools in Poland actually seem to be in the smaller cities. The big city schools seem to struggle a lot more with a saturated market and an extremely high teacher turnover rate. From what I know, the school in Kraków with the best reputation is probably Lincoln, so that can give you a stepping off point at least. That said, I doubt you're going to find any schools offering something meaningful over such a short time frame. Kraków is full of freelancers, so I'm sure you can find someone offering to teach you over that span of time, but the duration is just too short to really accomplish very much, even if you meet 5-6 days per week. Our summer intensive courses run for about five weeks, and I can't imagine doing anything shorter than that.
OP grspring 11 | 55
1 Feb 2013 #3
Thank you for the response. From the website it appears that they do not teach Polish (French, Spanish, English etc). Have you heard of Glossa?

radda99 - | 3
11 Feb 2014 #4
Merged: Has anybody studied Polish with the Varia school in Krakow?


I'm going to Krakow in March to learn Polish with the Varia school. Anyone been with Varia and have any experiences to share? Any advice for what to do beyond the usual tourist trails?

I've been to Krakow a few times and am looking to widen my knowledge of this beautiful city and it's surrounding area.

Also, anyone wants to go on the course (beginners!), I reckon they have some places left.

Na razie,

I'm going to Krakow in March to learn Polish with the Varia school. I got some good reviews from German relatives who made amazing progress in two weeks with Varia.
Tatianareub - | 1
27 Jul 2016 #5
Merged: Looking for a Polish school for foreigner.


I've been studying Polish on my own since a couple of months now and I am well decided on going to Poland for a couple of weeks to improve it.

I would like to attend an intensive course in Krakow around October/November and found online a school called Is anyone could provided feedback on this school or has any other school to recommend?

Many thanks.
27 Jul 2016 #6
school called

Here are the references to it on this forum:- ?phrase=glossa+language+school

Unfortunately what you will find on this forum are people claiming to have attended their courses and giving them glowing reviews ( usually people who work for said school ), this is not unique to Glossa though, other 'students' of different language schools crop up on this forum quite often too. It is a bit of a minefield trying to work out which schools are genuinely good and which aren't.

What they all have in common though is that they are quite expensive.

Have a look at this thread which gives some opinions about 2 week intensive Polish courses:-
12 Aug 2018 #7
I attended Varia and would not repeat the experience. Vituperative sarcasm is not appropriate behavior for a teacher teaching A1 classes - you will regret darkening their doorway.

In a deep cold crevice of hell a stiff wind blows across your face freezing your eyelashes shut. You have a choice of remaining here or listening to a teacher from the Varia Language School screaming the word "No" at you for three solid hours. The one who said "Ci cholerni cudzoziemcy" a bit too loudly before opening the door. You wisely choose to remain in hell.
CopperPot - | 2
13 Dec 2018 #8
Including travel expenses for one month, I spent 8000 PLN for 4 days of classes at Varia.
CopperPot - | 2
28 Feb 2019 #9
Varia is a classic "give us your money and go **** yourself" school catering to rich foreigners with more money than brains. Enjoy your serving of lukewarm oatmeal and fake smiles.

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