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Polish language courses....Suggestions wanted.

ArcticPaul 38 | 233
10 Apr 2008 #1
I am considering registering on the polish courses 13 nights, intensive Polish language course in Krakow.
Monday to Friday we have 5 x 45 minute lessons daily, evenings we have films/cultural events. Saturdays we have excursions. Sundays are for resting.

Its less than 400 euro for the tuition and a shared room. 60 euro extra for as single room. Flights, transfers and food are not included.

Anyone who knows about this course (or any similar residential programme) would be helping me a lot by volunteering any info or advice.
florence33 1 | 4
27 Jan 2010 #2
did you do it? i am planning to do the same and need some suggestions
29 Jan 2010 #3
Hi guys, I used this company for 1 weeks lessons in Oct 2010. Very good, and good fun. The one thing i would suggest is to book your own accomadation, as the accomadation with this company is pretty bad !
frdalloway 1 | 19
30 Jan 2011 #6
Hey, I participated in Polish course in Cracow in Glossa School.

You can also check fees for 2011 [glossa/polish/glossa_fees2011.pdf]

I recommend this course: very professional book written by teachers from this school, an interesting social plan (pub evenings, workshops, trips for free around Cracow).

Good luck with your Polish! Powodzenia :-)
ngoice - | 1
7 Feb 2011 #7
[Moved from]: i will like to travel to poland for a degree courses

good day to all my names are ngoice , i am in India and i will like to take a degree course in Poland , but i will like to start with language course , i will like to ask the help from any one who know more bout this
terri 1 | 1,665
7 Feb 2011 #8
I don't think you have much chance - your English is below par, and I don't suppose that you know Polish up to University level.
kolechowicz 3 | 4
8 Aug 2011 #9
Merged: Learning Polish while vacationing in Poland?

Hi all - I am visiting Poland in January/February of next year. I want to take Polish courses to help me with the language (I will need this for graduate school). Any suggestions on how to do this? I plan on staying in Poland anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Thank you.
dhrynio 5 | 97
26 Feb 2012 #10
[Moved from]: Polishonlinenow - Anyone know about these new online Polish courses?

I saw it advertised in the online version of the New Poland Express.
AnBr - | 1
15 Apr 2012 #11
My daughter learns there Polish language on-line.
If you want to know her opinion write on PM

2 Aug 2013 #12
Polish language course via Facebook: PLC-Polish-Language-Courses :)

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