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Anyone know anyone/ any school that teaches Polish in/around Zakopane?

Sminti 2 | 11
23 May 2011 #1

Can anyone help?

I'm moving to Zakopane for all of July, Aug and Sept 2011 and want to learn Polish on a daily basis....but I've failed to find anyone/school that teaches. Can anyone help?

I'm a complete beginner (I know just a few words at present), and am looking for intensive instruction. I've googled for hours looking for language schools in Zakopane but have failed to find anything?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

z_darius 14 | 3,968
23 May 2011 #2
That could be tricky.
The local dialect is incomprehensible to may Poles in the rest of the country. You'll need to ensure you get someone who actually speaks Polish so that the next time you order a shot of "pelenka" in the rest of Poland, they know you mean "wódka".
Dominicus - | 23
25 May 2011 #3
CJ Lektor teaches Polish for foreigners. Here is their website (in Polish):

but you can e-mail them for details in English:

If nothing else, they can set you up with a competent one-on-one tutor.
OP Sminti 2 | 11
26 May 2011 #4
many thanks - I'll chase them up
vndunne 43 | 279
27 May 2011 #5
Hi. Check out this immersion course which is happening in Zakopane at the end of July.

I have done courses with the school in Warsaw but dont know what the immersion ones are like.

Best of luck.

OP Sminti 2 | 11
29 May 2011 #6
cheers guys - will follow up the leads. so far learning the basics at which is fun

Still looking for an experienced teacher of Polish in Zakopane if anyone knows one?

Maybe a school teacher that has some spare time over the summer? I'm looking for a couple of hours a day 3 >5 days a week - I really need to learn, and work through a syllabus/ book etc.

I'm not really looking for skype tuition unless as a last resort


still looking for english speakers/ Polish tutors in Zakopane if anyone knows one, or even someone who just fancies a coffee and a chat! :) Greg

see me on my facebook profile -

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