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A Katowice Language School Recommendation, Please?

Ahusain 3 | 12
19 Feb 2013 #1

Right now, I'm teaching English as a foreign language in the Silisea region of Poland. My contract ends at the end of June and would like to move to Katowice and teach there this September. lists a wide range of schools and I want to filter a few of them out; having a recommendation would make all the difference(:

If any of you have had experience of teaching in any language schools in Katowice (perhaps you're currently teaching at one...) or have heard of any decent schools, I would be very grateful if you could say which one(s).

Thank you in advance!

smurf 39 | 1,981
19 Feb 2013 #2
It'll be handy enough for ya man, there's a fair few schools around the area and the other cities too and not so many native speakers.

I don't know of any horror stories tbh.
Morad83 1 | 19
19 Feb 2013 #3
Profi-Lingua is a decent school to work for :)
smurf 39 | 1,981
19 Feb 2013 #4
If you want to be paid pittance :P
OP Ahusain 3 | 12
20 Feb 2013 #5
Thank you, Smurf & Morad83(:

Any more suggestions are more than welcome...

o o
smurf 39 | 1,981
20 Feb 2013 #6
I only worked for 3 schools before I packed in teaching, when ya move here get in touch and I'll pass on their contact info to you.

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