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Help learning polish language in Wroclaw (any good language school)?

slask new boy
4 Dec 2009 #1
I am based in wroclaw, my polish is basic and really want to increase my knowledge of the language. i wish to take a course in january can anyone recommend a good school in the city.

many thanks in advance
Derevon 12 | 172
4 Dec 2009 #2
I don't really know about courses, but check this site:

I think will go to check it out. ;)

It's in a place called Mediateka near the Opera.
katarina - | 17
4 Dec 2009 #3
I don't know Wrocław unfortunately... but maybe you should ask about it in Polish embassy? I'm sure they will be able to recommend you something good and proven.

anyway, Powodzenia! :)
Michal - | 1,865
7 Dec 2009 #4
Wrocław is a big university town so perhaps one of the university's building is open during the evening for such lessons as Polish? It would be worth having a look. Perhaps the local library would have information?
OP slask new boy
7 Dec 2009 #5
always hoping for sucess
NooNoo - | 9
16 Dec 2009 #6

Check out
Beginner and intermediate courses start in Wroclaw in January.

The language school is based in Wroclaw and the teacher is good.
suren - | 5
8 Apr 2010 #7
hey, just learn from google translate its really good
love_sunil80 14 | 127
8 Apr 2010 #8
try this, It is english version of website.
4 Jun 2010 #9
I just fnished a course with this school, maybe they will be able to help you. Check their website learn-polish-in-poland.
WhizzKid - | 9
4 Jun 2010 #10
You might want to look for some private tutoring as well ;-)
Hebah - | 2
11 Sep 2010 #11
Merged: Looking for Polish language course/ wrocław

Can somebody advice me with a good school for learning polish language in Wrocław, I speak polish v.well but I'm so weak in writing,

they are many schools in wrocław, and I don't want to wast my time and money :)
MINO 1 | 19
12 Oct 2010 #12
polish world school language ul cztery podkowy 5/12 52-200 wysoka
Domino2105 - | 1
20 Oct 2011 #13
They are really good- check out the Survival Polish!
17 Dec 2011 #14
Merged:Does uni of wroclaw offer Polish preparatory courses?

does anyone know that in uni of wroclaw,do they offer u polish preparatory courses before u study english teaching courses? and in polish uni,what is the exam like? like they highlight some parts of the book and u just review it before u have exams?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
17 Dec 2011 #15
and in polish uni,what is the exam like?

which exam ? there are many.

'english teaching' or courses in english ?

do they offer u polish preparatory courses

someone else will have to answer that.
17 Dec 2011 #16
just general exam,and courses in english
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
17 Dec 2011 #17
just general exam

there is no general exam. there are projects to work on... usually group work. this means that you have to rely on others. there is book learning, of course. then written tests. there are practical execises during lessons, which are marked and contribute to your final marks (for that semester). then there is the thesis/dissertation.
29 Mar 2013 #18
Centrum Jezykow Obcych INSPIRATION on Stronska street- I recommend! Small groups, the cheapest price in Wroclaw (as I checked everywhere), classes are not boring caz teacher prepare so many additional materials!
30 Apr 2013 #19

The lowest price in Wroclaw (600 PLN for 30 classes/90min), small groups, great atmosphere and very good teachers!

Language School Inspiration
ul. Stronska 6B
19 Aug 2013 #20
I was attending Polish course at Centrum Języków Obcych Inspiration last semester and I liked it a lot.. Now I am movin to Cracovie so cant continue there and looking for another school in Cracovie. But the school Inspiration is really cool, groups are not too big and the teacher asked us to try speak Polish from the first class at 0 level, so I started to feel very cool when I said my first Polish sentences at the really begininng! They teach stuff you can use in daily life, but also they explain grammar. And they have lots of interesting materials to use during lectures.. And finally, they are the cheapest in Wroclaw right now... If anyone knows good school in Cracovie, let me know please!
Mattheusz - | 1
8 Nov 2013 #21
I can recommend a polish teacher in Krzyki. Aga has been teaching Polish to foreigners for over 10 years now. As a Polish Teacher, she's very patient and has a soothing, calm demeanor. Her website is Check it out.
Hubertus 4 | 26
5 Feb 2014 #22
Yes, if you're studying within the English program at UWr, you should be able to take part in the Polish courses also. They offer a free (at least for all Erasmus/international students) two week preparatory course in Polish before the semester begins, and you also have the option to take a class during the semester as well. You can even take an assessment test at the beginning of the semester to determine what your level of Polish is. This consists of a recording being played and answering some questions on paper. I didn't take the semester course, but the preparatory course was quite easy, no exam or anything, just a participation grade I think.
1 Sep 2014 #23
I completed one year in Centrum Jezykow Obcych Inspiration (, Stronska street! Definitly the beeest school ever, small groups, greaaaat teacher, interesting classes, everything well explained!!! But now its time to go back to my country:(((
20 Sep 2014 #24
Merged: To learn Polish in Wroclaw


I move from France to Wroclaw in two weeks for job.

I would like to know if there is a possibility for foreigners to learn polish, are there associations for foreigners to learn for free ?

If not, how does it cost generally to study in language school ?

and what about University ?

Thank you in advance.
magsty - | 1
23 Oct 2014 #25
Hi :) When you're in Poland you have polish language all around you, so it's not a big problem to find someone to teach you basics. If you want to know polish better, then you should probably look for a school/teacher.

But, you know, you can always take private lessons. I'm a teacher, working in a language school, and I can tell - private lessons costs less, they are better (because it's individual!), and it's easier to agree about the time of lessons. If you are still interested, write to me :)

Cheers, Magda
22 Jan 2015 #26
Inspiration is the best school in Wroclaw. I mean Ive just checked this one, but I was fully satussfied! very professional and atmosphere like at home

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