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How good is Politechnika Warszawska?

DominicB - | 2,704
1 Sep 2017 #31

Could you possibly be any more vague and coy?

Where are you from (citizenship and passport)? Where are you now (residency status)? What do you want to study? Why that field? Why Poland? Are you Polish? Do you speak Polish, and how well?

A general answer is that studying an English-language program at a Polish university is a waste of time and a poor investment that is unlikely to payoff on the job market, and that studying at a good university in your own country is generally a better choice.
jon357 63 | 15,214
1 Sep 2017 #32
Warsaw university of technology

It's a highly respected place to study, and has good student life. Are you thinking of studying chemistry or electronics? If so, PM me with your details and I can put you in touch with people who have studied those subject there recently and speak English well. One teaches there now also.
28 Oct 2018 #33

The entrance test for master of Computer Science Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science in WUT

I want to apply for the master program of CS at Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science at Warsaw University of Technology. I saw on the university's website that the candidates will take a written test for advance mathematics, data structure and programming language as well as an interview. Does anyone knows more details about that entrance test?

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