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Good cheap course to learn Polish in Warsaw

kamilajanos - | 2
24 Jan 2016 #31
My husband is learning here:, he really improved his Polish. :)
Native from Pl
15 Mar 2016 #32
Hey! If you want to learn/improve your polish skills just email me at: alexczerniak@gmail !
17 Mar 2016 #33
Polish language course in Warsaw
Learn Polish language fast and effectively with Galileusz Warszawa Praga with qualified teachers. Polish language course takes place in Warsaw city center at Galileusz Warszawa Praga (ul. Lipska 6/4)

Price of the course includes:
● 30 stationary lessons of Polish language (x 45 min.) with qualified and experienced lector;
● preparing learning materials;
● online tests improving vocabulary and grammar;
● certificate of participation at course of Polish language.
Learnig Polish doesn't have to be exhausting and long!
Groups of 3 - 8 people. Lessons take place in the morning, afternoon or in the evening.
Register online a our website or call 535 153 476
Send an e-mail in Polish or English at
(classes 2 x per week), individual lessons possible
6 Jun 2016 #34
Hi, I offer polish lessons to suite all levels in a fun and friendly environment at the great price of 50zl per hour. I'm based in Warsaw.

Please contact me at przemek.wasylik@gmail for more information.
Zsolt - | 3
16 Nov 2018 #35

2-3 week Polish language course/ work in Warsaw/Kraków

Hi guys!
I am from Hungary, and it is now 2 months that I started to study Polish.Howewer, I feel that my polish only in a native envorinment would improve really well.I was looking for courses, or even some work for student at summer, but since that I didn't find anything. Some courses are too expensive (Jagellonian University) or just too long, and in September I must go back to university. Could you recommend me something ?
Atch 17 | 3,265
16 Nov 2018 #36
IKO, the Institute of Polish for Foreigners in Warsaw has intensive three week courses, five mornings a week for three weeks for about 1,500 zl.
Magdalena_H - | 1
19 Dec 2018 #37
You coul try Gadano! I highly recommend it.
In addition, Trial lesson is free!
20 Dec 2018 #38
Poland does not offer free language courses for people of Polish ancestry (like me).

Sweden gives free tuition language courses to all foreigners.

Israel too, gives an "ulpan" for every new immigrant (not good quality, Poland gives us nothing. However, people of Polish descent are eligible for a discount. I think it's - 40%, per law. Private courses ignore the law.

I think the best places to learn are universities; problem in this country is to find suitable accommodation, as I said in a previous post - and some trolls threw stones on me :(

I think there is a free course at Warsaw public library. Others, like foundation Somalia... Can not tell as I haven't been in Poland yet:

on line:

delphiandomine 85 | 18,254
20 Dec 2018 #39
Could you recommend me something ?

Go learn Slovak. Polish will be easy to learn after you get a grasp of Slovak :)
Lyzko 25 | 7,009
20 Dec 2018 #40
Slovak looks more like "simplified" Slavic. Not sure learning the latter will necessarily help in learning Polish. That's only my opinion though.
20 Dec 2018 #41
A lot of people want to learn Polish! It's the second major Slavonic language after Russian. I'm going for my roots.
Lyzko 25 | 7,009
21 Dec 2018 #42
I've always contended that Polish is exceedingly practical. Geopolitically, Poland is key to both the present as well as the future of Europe because of its historical position as a sort of bridge between Eastern and Western Europe, notably throughout the Communist Era:-)
Chemikiem 6 | 2,248
23 Dec 2018 #43
I've always contended that Polish is exceedingly practical

I wouldn't go that far. If you're moving to Poland then yes, but unless a person has any other reason to learn the language, then I'm sorry, but Polish is not up there as the language to learn. It's not like English which is widely spoken in many countries , or French and Spanish which are spoken in other countries too.
Lyzko 25 | 7,009
23 Dec 2018 #44
Polish is nonetheless practical. If you use speaker percentage as your yardstick, then Mandarin is the most important language on the planet. Yet how many non-Chinese speak it fluently, or even at all? Polish is at least more accessible for the average foreigner.

While most Poles don't really know English that well, the average Chinese knows even less!

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